Oct 252011

Latecomers to NCS may not know about Singapore’s Rudra. And old-timers may have forgotten. For me, their latest album, Brahmavidya: Immortal I, was one of the highlight discoveries of the current year. It completes a trilogy of albums that began with 2005’s Primordial I and continued with 2009’s Transcendental I. I went on and on (and on) about the new album here, so I’ll keep the comments about it in this post brief: It’s really fucking good.

Standing near the intersection of melodic black metal and death metal, Rudra have taken inspiration from Vedic Sanskrit literature and created something that’s interesting and powerful and quite memorable.

I was reminded of Rudra when I discovered yesterday that they released a music video for a song called “Now Therefore”, which is the opening track on Immortal I. This seems to have been out since August, and I missed it. It’s not nearly as fascinating as the video they did for “Hymns From the Blazing Chariot” (from Transcendental I), but “Now Therefore” is a helluva good song. So, check out some Vedic metal after the jump.

Here’s “Now Therefore”. And in case you missed the video for “Hymns From the Blazing Chariot” when I posted it way the hell back at the beginning of the year, I’ll put that up here again, too.

  8 Responses to “RUDRA: “NOW THEREFORE””

  1. I finally got a cd copy of this album.

    It really does sound like Chthonic and God Dethroned had a baby. A vicious baby made of molten metal.

  2. Does anyone else laugh while trying to watch these videos? The band in general looks bored out of their skull, and the face of the lead singer while we growls at the camera makes me giggle with glee.

    Good call on God Dethroned, it does sound like them.

    Oh god, I just about lost it with that cross eyed guy with the war paint down the middle of his face. LOL
    Then when he tells everyone to charge. LOL

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