Nov 012011

Well, don’t I feel like a dick. Yesterday I invited NCS readers to suggest metal for Halloween and I said I’d pick three songs from the suggestions and play them by nightfall. I got a bunch of interesting looking recommendations in the Comments on that post. However, in order to pick the three songs I thought were best-suited for the occasion, I needed to listen to all the recommendations. Unfortunately, my fucking day job turned into a fucking day-and-night job, and I had no time to do that.

Fuck, I didn’t even have time to listen to three of the songs picked at random. While metalheads throughout the Halloween-celebrating world were out getting smashed while looking even more ridiculous than usual, or getting smashed in the privacy of their own basements while looking only usually ridiculous, or simply ignoring the holiday in favor of whatever metalheads do on a normal Monday night, I was slaving away at what I do to put bread on the table (and the less said about that, the better). So, yes, I failed.

What to do to make up for this fuck-up? Well, it’s probably not as good as another phony tour t-shirt, but what I’m going to do each day for the rest of this week is to pick three songs at random from the list of suggestions and play them for you. Think of it as a week’s worth of Halloweens. That may suck if you don’t like Halloween, but I have a feeling the music is going to rock. And for the first installment, I’ve picked the first three suggestions I got yesterday (from Phro, Trollfiend,  and Andy Synn) — music from Type O Negative, Februus, and The Black Dahlia Murder.  After the jump.

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  1. For some reason, I’d written of the Black Dahlia Murder as some shitty metalcore band. Where’d I get that from? I don’t know. But I stand corrected.

    The Februus cover was good…except towards the end. What the fuck???

    • There’s a line where melodic death metal and metalcore meet… the good bands fall on one side of the line, the bad bands on the other (to over-generalise DRASTICALLY and without any real evidence).

      That being said it’s only really their debut that comes anywhere near that line, since then they’ve steadily increased the black and death metal influences to become a sure-fire, full-bore melodic DEATH-METAL band… a-roonie.

      And though “Nocturnal” remains their magnum opus (imo) you have to love a song like “A Shrine To Madness”, since the lyrics are all about rape and murder and… the fun of halloween?

      • This is good information to know. I’ll be checking them in the future…when I magically don’t have a ton of other bands to check out.

        Seriously, how can a “tiny subculture” have so goddamn much going on????

        • True. I hate when people are all “there’s nothing good in metal anymore”…


          Sigh. It upsets me. A) When people/artists conflate bad mainstream metal with more artistically rewarding, compelx stuff, and B) when artists claim to be “bored” with metal (see: Opeth, recently). Surely there’ always more to do and discover?

          • I can’t believe people actually think there’s nothing good in metal anymore. I mean, I’ve barely scratched the surface of the genre, and I can’t believe how much variety and depth I’ve already found.

            I can’t speak to complexity in music (I’m musically retarded), but I do think there is a SHIT TON of rewarding music (and some just stupidly fun music, too).

            So, what you said, times a thousand!

            • Funny, I had written the Black Dahlia Murder off as some shitty emocore band or lame Marilyn Manson ripoff. Something about the name, I guess. I’m happy to be wrong in this case.

              • And yeah… I’m finding new shit to listen to EVERY FUCKING DAY. Nothing new in metal? I call shenanigans.

                • Its even better when you hear “its been a bad year for metal”…O RLY..because Im always trying to catch up on bands

                  • Do people REALLY say all this shit? I mean, the only metal blog I read regularly is NCS (I also try to read Death Metal Baboon, TNOTB and MetalSucks if I have time), so maybe I have a poor sample group.

                    But, man, some people are CRAAAAAAAAAAAZYPANTS!

                  • True. I felt a bit like it *might* be a bad year, for me personally, at the beginning of this year, as so many of the major releases have really disappointed me…

                    Then I discovered about ten trillion awesome “new” (to me at least, in some cases) bands who made up for it.

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