Nov 052011

(TheMadIsraeli helps us start off our Saturday with a bang.)

Good morning fellow NCSer’s.  I’ve taken it upon myself while Islander engages in his carnal activities (gotta help a brother out) to be Islander number two, since it turns out a shitload of people get the two of us confused anyway.  I decided to bring you some brutal goodies this morning to start your day with.

Fallujah is a band I have heard much about, little of.  My good friend Brian Shields of White Noise Metal was especially singing their praises a while back.  He’d seen them live quite a bit and was pretty sure they were going to be the next big thing.  I think he might be right.  I have the debut song from their debut album The Harvest Wombs called “Become One”.  It is an amazing slice of technical melodic death metal full of nice proggy, jazzy, melodic transitions, assaulting the ears with a hail storm of blast beasts and vicious vocals.  I intend to procure this album for review one way or another.

Fallujah drops The Harvest Wombs November 22, and you can find them on Facebook here.  A nice guest solo from All Shall Perish guitarist Francesco Artusato is also featured on the track.

Aegaeon I discovered through the above Fallujah video, because Aegaeon will be touring with Fallujah next year.  I had to see who would be touring with a band so apparently awesome.

Aegaeon play a style of ambitious, dare I say epic, deathcore.  There are big melodies everywhere, tons of melodic punishment with some of the best vocals I’ve heard out of the genre — vocalist Jim Martin is no slouch on the mic.  The grooves are prominent, of course, and punishing breakdowns will tear you asunder, as should happen when deathcore is done right.  Check out Aegaeon on Facebook here and listen to this:

  2 Responses to “A BRUTAL ASS MORNING”

  1. Both album covers are amazing!

    Fallujah was really good. I usually prefer heavier technical death metal, but they have a good balance. It reminded me of Obscura (which I don’t think anyone could say is a bad thing) with some black metal thrown in for seasoning (around the intro).

    Aegaeon was alright, but it seemed like have the song was just one long break down. (I’m exaggerating for effect.) It wasn’t bad, but I just wish breakdowns had more speed. I do really like the vocalist though. His growls have a texture that really works for me.

    • Agreed, but that’s why I like to listen to some deathcore, is the tempo change from you standard flesh-flayin’ death metal. Definitely more stoked on Fallujah though, tickle my giblets a bit more.

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