Dec 062011

As we reported yesterday, Lamb of God premiered the first track from their new album, Resolution, on Metal Sucks. Today, they’ve unveiled the official music video for the same song (“Ghost Walking”).

It’s one of those “lyric videos”, but with a creative visual twist. Gaze upon it after the jump.

Resolution will be released on Jan. 24 and is available for pre-order at this link.


  1. This song is good, but I can’t help but feel like they’re just rehashing the Nevermore worship they engaged in on “Wrath”.

  2. I’m a huge LoG fan, and they’re one of my top 5 favorite bands, but I have to say, this song really dissapoints me. The riff is nice, I liked the into, and I absolutely love the solo, but the chorus, to me, is lacking. Oh well, I’ll still pick up the album, but I sincerely hope that the rest of it is better than this song; hopefully later on this tune might grow on me, but at this moment it doesn’t live up to the LoG name.

    • I also thought the chorus was not as catchy as I had hoped it would be for this type of LoG song.

      • One thing I like about there LoG is going is that it seems that John’s bass is being raised in the mix. And am I the only one that notices the repetition of the term “blood junkie” in LoG’s songs?

  3. Can’t remember where I read it but apparently Willie wrote a good deal of the songs on this album. His songs on past albums were pretty good so I’m interested to hear what he came up with for the new album

  4. Really like Randy’s vocals in this track. From all reports it is a diverse album so as always I’ll wait and hear the full album before making judgements.

  5. Pretty good but somehow I still think the first two LOG albums were the best! everything they put out just sounds the same now!!

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