Dec 082011

Yessirree, it’s that special time of year when our tender ears are bombarded not only by multi-media ads exhorting us to spend our money like there’s no tomorrow, but also by manifold forms of musical Christmas cheer, whether in the form of carols or other “standards” we’ve heard a jillion times before, or special seasonal items being released for the first time.

Take this new video by Ancient VVisdom, for example. Specially timed to help celebrate the Yuletide season with tidings of great joy and the harking of heralds, these Austin-based musical angels have chosen to bless us all, every one, with a very catchy tune from their well-received 2011 debut, A Godlike Inferno. It’s called “The Opposition”, and it’s guaranteed to be a hit wherever fine Christmas music is heard on a non-stop basis, such as shopping malls and elevators.

So go ahead, get in the Christmas spirit: fill up a glass with eggnog, light some votive candles, and sing along with Ancient VVisdom to these stirring lyrics:

“Hail to thee, Lord Lucifer/I sing praises to thee/and I suffer no longer”

“The Opposition” video premiered today on the DECIBEL magazine web site. They seem to think there’s something about this video that glorifies Satan. Go figure.

I’ve been humming the chorus for a while now, since I listened to the song for the third time. A minute ago, my wife asked me, “You said what about Lord Lucifer?”

Except for the Lord Lucifer stuff, the song isn’t really metal, at least not as I define it, though I do stand by what I said above: it’s infernally catchy.

What is it anyway with this new wave of bands that are combining indie-pop-influenced music with ritualistic Satanic lyrics and black metal trappings? Ghost comes to mind, and speaking of Ghost, Ancient VVisdom will be joining them and Blood Ceremony on tour beginning this January. You can get the dates here.


  1. I can kinda get the goat-in-the-neck tattoo. Had I been a Satanist I would’ve wanted one. I’m less sure about the demon-cum-splattered eyes though. Stuff must be very acid. I guess it’s just pretty much the summum of how far you can go to show Satan your appreciation.

  2. So did the wife not approve of you taking our dark lords name in vain?

    • Nah. She’s an atheist. She’s just not used to hearing me speak of Lucifer. She wondered if I was thinking about joining a cult, in which case she wanted me to put all the property in her name.

  3. It’s alright, but I keep waiting for my head to be split asunder by machine gun blast beats and infernal riffage, and it never happens. I’d like it more as an intro/outro IMO

    • Yeah, there were places where the build was building and I thought for sure it was going to bust loose with something . . . and then it didn’t. But it still infected me.

  4. I’m not sure what I think about this, but the guy flashing the horns in the picture looks like Peter Lindgren.

  5. I’ve been singing the chorus constantly since yesterday. I do have to be careful when I’m walking to class, though. Especially since I live in Kentucky.

    I’ve also been listening to the song constantly since yesterday. I honestly think it’s quite beautiful.

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