Dec 162011

I do like Eluveitie. They put on a helluva live show, and I picked “Thousandfold” as one of 2010’s most infectious extreme metal songs. I’m looking forward to hearing their new album, Helvetios, which will be released by Nuclear Blast in February. It’s a concept album about a time long ago when a Celtic tribe called the Helvetii occupied part of Eluveitie’s homeland of Switzerland.

Today, Nuclear Blast released a trailer for the new album. It consists of about 15 seconds of music and several minutes of Eluveitie frontman Chrigel talking about the concept behind the album. Watching the trailer induced an attack of narcolepsy, and I fell asleep before the trailer ended, so I may have missed some more music at the end. Apparently, there’s an even longer trailer available at Eluveitie’s web site. I’m getting sleepy just thinking about a longer version of the trailer I watched.

Are most Eluveitie fans even more nerdy than average metalheads (Trollfiend, I’m looking at you)? Because that’s the only explanation I can come up with for why Nuclear Blast or the band thought this trailer would put everyone on the edge of their seats, instead of into a deep coma. I will probably wake up again before the album comes out. I will probably still listen to it, because it couldn’t possibly be more soporific than the trailer. In case you’re feeling jittery and really need to calm down, the trailer is after the jump.


  1. I really dont expect much from white Europeans with Dreads.

  2. I’ve never been a huge Eluveitie fan. Weird, right? Of all the shit I like I just can’t get into Celtic-inspired stuff.

  3. While Trollfiend may not get excited over this, I on the other hand had a spontaneous orgasm upon watching this

  4. I haven’t watched the video, because, y’know, I just woke up and don’t wanna go back to sleep. But, I’d watch it if they had a “recreation” video playing while the guy spoke.
    But only if the video used toy soldiers from one of those old time cowboys and Indians sets. And if it were all done using kids playing with the toys. And then they get pissed at each other at the end and we are treated to a Kid Kick-down, in which they beat each other bloody. Then ice cream for everyone!

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