Dec 172011

So, this new Metal Injection-conceived web page called Tom Araya Scream has been making the rounds of the interhole since it appeared yesterday. It’s a clever idea, and if Slayer is, like, still your favoritest metal band ever, dude, SLAAAAAAAYER!!!! (while throwing two-handed horns), then you’ll probably be punching this button on your smartphone all weekend to get a few seconds of Tom Araya’s tinny scream.

However, if you’re to the point in your metal-listening life (as I am) when this scream has begun to sound sort of . . . what’s the word? . . . anemic? . . .  by comparison to the kind of really ugly, vicious, bile-vomiting screams and roars you really enjoy, then Tom Araya Scream is more useful as a template for something . . . better.  And no, I’m not talking about Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford.

Like, how about Lord Worm Scream . . . such as the vein-exploder that starts at about the 3:45 mark of Cryptopsy’s classic “Open Face Surgery”?  (after the jump)

[audio:|titles=Cryptopsy – Open Face Surgery]

Or maybe John Tardy Scream, of which there are some fine examples in Obituary’s “Don’t Care”:

[audio:|titles=Obituary – Don’t Care]

Or maybe Glen Benton Scream. He’s got a particularly nice one before the solo in Deicide’s “Homage For Satan”. Or how about Corpsegrinder Scream? There are some choice examples from George Fisher in this lovely Cannibal Corpse tune:

Any more ideas?

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  1. I wonder how Slayer has remained so popular through the years? Aside from a song or two on “Diabolus”, this band has done nothing interesting, IMO, since *Seasons*. So, that’s basically 20 years of churning out mediocre tunes? How do they remain so relevant? It’s as if their reputation from glory moments past, carry them along today? All I know is, usually when I see a story about Slayer, I keep on scrolling. I grew out of Slayer when I was 15. it’s a wonder the rest of the world hasn’t. If you still listen to them, what have they done in decades that’s kept you tuned in?

    • I never got into Slayer, particularly because I don`t care for Araya`s vocals. So, I`d like to echo morbid corpse`s question.

    • Every album since Seasons has a few good tunes. I can’t say they’ve done a BAD album at all, but prior to Hate Worldwide, they had a series of solid tunes on decent–>good albums with a few standout tracks. Hate Worldwide is easily their best effort since Seasons and feels like a complete album of quality songs.

      The reason for their continued popularity? Well the same can be said of Metallica, who have been total shit since 1989. Slayer (if you don’t like them for whatever reason) at least have continued to do what they do, never changed styles or sold out or whined and complained about file sharing. They’ve just blasted away at what they do.

      No band is going to churn our 5 star album after 5 star album for 30 years. But these guys are one of the forefathers. What other band who played this aggressive style of music/lyrics (for their time) has gained any type of mainstream acceptance as they have? There is something to be said for that. And since they never shit uponed their legacy, they are entitled to a lifetime of respect.

      And if you are under 30 years old, I guess you just don’t get it. Listening to all these new “brutal” Finnish bands doesn’t make Slayer any less cool, influential or relevant. It just makes you a ignorant young punk who doesn’t know any better 😛

      • and people tend to forget, half the crap they listen to these days are either directly or indirectly influenced by Slayer and all the original bands.

        What’s next, people saying Black Sabbath suck and The Sword and High on Fire are 50,000X better ???

        • I think it’s possible to appreciate a band’s legacy and contribution to music without actually liking the music they make. Let’s face it, metal wouldn’t exist today without the Beatles first using distortion effects, and personally I can’t fucking stand the Beatles. I loved Slayer in the 80s and early 90s but I pretty much stopped buying their albums after “Seasons” because I wasn’t really getting anything out of them any more. After 30+ years of listening to metal, my tastes have changed.

    • I agree Kevin P however I would like to add that Slayer, like marijuana is a gateway drug, ‘er band, that leads to harder and heavier shit! Most metal heads well except phro listened to Slayer at one time!


  2. Hammer Smashed FAAAAACCCEEE!!!!

  3. I quite like Glen Benton`s scream.

  4. The opening salvo on Emperor’s “Ye Entrancemperium”

    The opening on SYL’s “All Hail The New Flesh”

  5. Legion Scream: Beginning of Marduk’s “Beast of Prey”

    Arioch Scream: 0:27 mark AND 3:02 mark of Funeral Mist’s “Anathema Maranatha”

    Peter Tagtgren Scream: 3:17 mark of Bloodbath’s “Soul Evisceration”

  6. Kalle Aaltonen scream: around 0:40

    Tuomas Saukkonen scream: 2:25 <- one of my favourites, gives me the chills everytime.

    • I’ve become so hooked on Before the Dawn. Look for one of their songs on this year’s Most Infectious list.

      • smart man. FYI, in case you weren’t aware, Lars is no longer in the band and they are doing a sort of “rebirth” and appear to be going in a heavier, less clean vocals direction.

  7. I’m suprised nobody mentioned Barney Greenway yet. I would love to have a button I could just press and hear “RRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.
    Some classic Schuldiner screams would also be rad!

  8. Would help if I actually spelled my name right in my earlier response. Anyway…

    Tomas Lindberg scream (0:44 – 0:50) : “Under a Serpent Sun”
    John K scream (0:49 – 0:55) : “Enemy Within”
    King Fowley scream (0:23 – 0:27) : “Skin Crawling Progress”

  9. That’s it! Are we gonna have to make a scream-soundboard! that’d be the best!

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