Dec 292011

JAck Dagnellz!  Unformed chicken fetuses!  Bacon!  Candied bacon!  Bacon bits!  Jack ‘n’ yoke!  White Russian cereal!

(Wait, isn’t that redundant?  Aren’t all Russians white?)

Pancake batter!  More pancake batter!  Donut ‘o egg!  More fucken JAck, haters!

While I finish waking up and then working on the next epic post, watch these fuckin guys get toasted and make big mounds of disgusting food.  I’m talking to the 2 or 3 of you who don’t already subscribe to the Epic Meal Time YousTubes channel.  After the yump.

And don’t give me that shit like you got something better to do than watch this.  I’m not buying it.  Unless you’re still listening to all that music in Andy’s post.  But even then, you can take a break, make yourself sick to your stomach, and then go back and finish off all the tunes.  Be sure to stick your finger down your throat first, so the nausea doesn’t interfere with the listening.  That’s what I do.  Pancake batter!

(Thanks to TheMadIsraeli for this . . . since I don’t subscribe to the fucking Epic Meal Time channel.)

UPDATE: Thanks to NCS reader Vinter, we feel compelled to add a companion video. It’s only regular, non-epic, Swedish meal time, but yes, it’s fucking brutal. I especially like the way the Swedes melt butter. And who doesn’t enjoy a big fucking gob of mayo in your yob when you’re cookin’?

  15 Responses to “BRUNCH OF BOOZE”

  1. im surprised these guys are still alive given the amount of fat they consume.
    anyway, have you checked their swedish counterpart? not really epic, but very much brutal.

    • In between these orgies they probably eat nothing but tofu and sprouts and drink only green tea.

      On second thought, no, they probably don’t…

      And as for the Swedish meal time, check the update to this post. 🙂

  2. I think everything EMT makes looks fucking delicious.


  3. Oh lord… One probably couldn’t eat more than a mouthful of any of Epic Meal Time’s dishes without feeling full. Of course, one doesn’t eat meat. So, one might only try a couple of those dishes or maybe just go hungry. 😐

    Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time’s dishes look nice though. One wonders if one can use looped vocal samples of Dan Swanö’s screams from anywhere to melt butter like that. 😀

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