Jan 042012

Posted today at http://www.meshuggah.net/:

After a long time of deep
soul searching and intense
wrecking of the psyches, the
new album is finally done.

Soon you will meet this colossus
that will pulverize your being.

Welcome to the other side
on March 27.

The album will be released by Nuclear Blast. This can’t be good news for your garden variety djent band. Why settle for a knock-off when you can have the real thing?

  29 Responses to “MESHUGGAH – MARCH 27, 2012”

  1. Who?


  3. In a press release earlier today Meshuggah said “Hey, other djent bands. Look, we’re back, see? You can knock it off now.”

  4. If they tour, it will be amazing, because:

    Djent kids do not mosh, and I bet most of them have never even seen a Meshuggah show, so they’re all going to flock to the tour thinking it’s going to be all easy listening like Textures live.

    And then get fucking wrecked.

    Because Meshuggah pits are far and away the most brutal not-slam mosh pits I have ever seen. And hell, meshuggah might BE slamming, who can tell?

  5. Maybe this will be the first thing by Meshuggah that I like… but I doubt it… 🙁

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