Jan 062012

I’m sure that eye-catching cover art up there looks familiar to you — less than a month ago I splashed it across this site in a post that featured the first single from this UK band’s forthcoming album, And So It Came To Pass, which will be released on Feb 27 by Siege of Amida Records. Well, now Dyscarnate have not only premiered a second track from the album, they’ve also given us an official music video to go with it.

The new song is called “The Promethean”, and it’s a killer explosion of technically oriented, groove-heavy death metal, with great vocals, jolting rhythms, galvanizing guitar work — and even a breakdown that works.

By the way, I’ve now got this album in my greedy clutches, and I’m very fucking sold on Dyscarnate. Whenever I can kick my ass into higher gear, there will be a review . . . But for now, headbang to “The Promethean” video after the jump.


  1. I m also sold on Dyscarnate just from this song. If the whole album’s like this, I need to get this shit.

  2. killer. glad someone is mentioning this band. their last album, enduring the massacre, fucking slays. i highly recommend. sounds like their sound hasn’t really changed (this is a very good thing).

  3. I remember not really caring for the original song you posted, but this one was much much better. Will have to check this album out 🙂

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