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This is Part 13 of our list of the most infectious extreme metal songs released this year. Each day until the list is finished, I’m posting two songs that made the cut. For more details about what this list is all about and how it was compiled, read the Introduction via this link. To see the selections that preceded this one, click the Category link on the right side of the page called MOST INFECTIOUS SONGS-2011.


Successful, immensely influential artists of long standing often find their creative freedom restricted by the shackles of their own success. What has worked in the past will likely work again, and that’s an insidious inducement to just repeat the pattern again and again. That’s the carrot, but there’s also a stick: Striking out onto a new path risks alienation of a dedicated fan base. Loyal adherents of an artist’s well-defined style may be too close-minded, too wedded to the past, to be receptive to experimentation.

Fortunately, not all successful artists fall prey to these carrot-and-stick inducements to stand pat. Some are brave enough and creative enough to throw off the shackles of their own success and strike out in brilliant new directions, to boldly go where others are too timid to tread. So it was with Morbid Angel’s 2011 album, Illud Divinum Insanus, which translates to “fuck you, we doin’ this thang anyway.”

This legendary band’s creative juices were flowing, and they wouldn’t be dammed up. They spilled out in a flood of musical creativity the likes of which were rarely seen in 2011. The result was an album packed full of infectious metal — brilliant combinations of traditional Morbid Angel motifs, four-on-the-floor drum loops, and aggro-tech electronica.

Picking just one song from this landmark expression of musical courage for the MOST INFECTIOUS list was a remarkably daunting challenge, but I took heart from what Morbid Angel had themselves done — I rose to the challenge, obstacles be damned.

“Too Extreme!”

[audio:https://www.nocleansinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/02-Piste-2.mp3|titles=Morbid Angel – Too Extreme]


The 2011 Profound Lore release from this Saskatchewan band — Freermasonry — is one we didn’t review here at NCS. But we listened to it, and listened, and listened again. And again. And we swooned over its hypnotic rhythms and lush melodies. We marveled over the use of harsh, jagged waves of noise to express profound concepts, such as these, expressed by Fortress Crookedjaw himself:

“Lyrically Freermasonry consist of a series of poems and discourses. Early on in Freermasonry, the Mother allusion from SOL is referenced out of Faust Part Two. It is a very short moment. Faust does an invocation to the Mothers, but the execution is as trickery through occult charlatanism and not truly believed ritual. Goethe found passages about dark goddess figures known as Mothers in the writings of Plutarch. The metaphor is ambiguous, generally associated with creative dark force and will, but reared in a potent lie. I use it in correlation with screech owl and as atheistic reactionary sentiment. It could also signify an unattainable aesthetic ideal. It is not a nurturing maternal reference but, yes, it is a bit of a confusing reference, which is a good thing. Of course there are many other aspects to Freermasonry”.

Infectious songs can be constructed in more than one way, and the envelope can be pushed in more than one direction. Wold are envelope-pushers, no doubt. They’re just pushing theirs in a different direction from the one chosen by Morbid Angel. The music is intense, but catchy, and you come to realize that the hidden philosophy behind the concepts expressed in the album with such sophistication is this unifying message: “Hey, we got the beat!”

Again, another tough choice from among many worthy candidates on an album, but our latest addition to the MOST INFECTIOUS list is this track from Freermasonry:

“Free Goat of Leviticus”

[audio:https://www.nocleansinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/03-wold-free_goat_of_leviticus.mp3|titles=Wold – Free Goat of Leviticus]



  1. I hope its not a serious infection.

  2. Guys, what the hell am I looking at here?

  3. Not serious with that Morbid Angel rant, were you? That album wasn’t creative at all, it was just a terrible album.

  4. Haha, you’re such a dick.

  5. I wanted to listen to that Morbid Angel track but it was….TOO EXTREME.


  6. Okay, I can’t tell if I was too subtle or if my reputation as a judge of metal is even worse than I thought it was, but it seems some people took this seriously. I could see maybe some readers might think I really did like the Morbid Angel, but I thought all would be clear by the time people pressed “play” on that Wold song.

    Oh well. To be clear, THIS WAS A FUCKING JOKE! For the real Part 13, of this list, go here:


  7. I just woke up from a dream of lenses flares and Alice distinguished the rabbit. I was do have been next.

    This was still more horrifying.

  8. I know you weren’t serious, I just couldn’t wrap my head around why someone would make this pile of crap!

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