Jan 072012

I’ve been waiting for this for weeks, ever since Norway’s Shining began dribbling out the news that it was coming. It’s the band’s official video for the song “Fisheye” off their remarkable 2010 album, Blackjazz, and it just appeared.

Blackjazz is wild in every sense of the word – feral, uninhibited, unpredictable, deranged, vicious. Ah, hell, wild is too tame an adjective — it’s just bug-eyed, batshit crazy. Not headbanging music. Not music you can have on background as you do something else. If you’re going to listen, that’s what you’ve got to do — listen with single-minded focus.” That’s what I wrote in a February 2010 review. I still pretty much feel that way, except I’ve decided there are parts of “Fisheye” that you can headbang to.

But mainly, it’s wild. It thunders, it squeals, it hammers, it howls. It’s creepy and it’s exhilarating. I was really curious whether Shining could put together a music video that would mesh with the aura of the music. Well, they did. Or rather, director Kyrre H. Larsen did. From the lighting, to the color scheme, to the editing, to the flashes of grotesque masks, the video provides fitting visual accompaniment to the music. Watch it after the jump.

  10 Responses to “SHINING: THE “FISHEYE” VIDEO”

  1. I fucking did this, oh so much.

    But I need to change my sheets now. Thanks for that

  2. It’s like someone took Trent Reznor’s heroin and replaced it with peyote, blindfolded him, and then started throwing spiders at him. This is something that I approve of.

  3. I think if I’d heard the song on its own without watching the video id would not have had the same impact on me.

    In a weird way it reminded me of early Malhavoc, I suspect because of the hissing vocals.


    I could get into this.

  4. Visually, it reminds me a bit of Rammstein, but the music is all their own. Great crazy-ass combination of electronica and metal. I have a feeling they would be great live.

  5. After to some further research, you can most definitely headbang to this. In between the sections of you staring blankly into space with your mouth open

  6. Oh man, how I hate being negative in a post.

    Shining from Sweden > Shining from Norway.

    I’d rather listen to a mental case making drone style black metal, then this mish-mash of fusion shit. These guys are probably bad ass jazz musicians, but this album blows. I could only make it to track 3 WHILE I WAS HIGH! I like everything when I’m stoned, lol. Gotta be a first for everything though.

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