Jan 202012

To flense the flesh from the bones with scalpels and with teeth.  To pulverize and grind the bones into powder.  To mix the powder with spraying arterial blood and force the mangled body to drink deep while the masters of its doom howl with maniacal glee.

To do all this and leave the victim smiling and begging for more. This is the trick.  Many have tried to master it, few have succeeded. On their new album, Global Flatline, Aborted show us how it’s done.

Rising above all else they’ve achieved before, this multinational collective have produced a head-whipping, face-shredding album that will cleave its way into your cranium and take up residence there — and you’ll be begging them not to leave. Scalpel-sharp riffing, obliterating drumbeats, explosive bass drops, tempos that flip upside-down on a dime, solo’s that jet like an acetylene torch, wonderfully bestial vocals — it’s all there.

And that would be enough, but mother of fuck, there’s still more — melodies swimming through the maelstrom of each song that sink them fast into your memory, and thunderous grooves that are irresistibly convulsive. You want the first skyrocket of the 2012 death metal season? Look no further than Global Flatline.

We’ve got two reviews of the album at this site (here and here), but as good as those are, there’s really nothing like hearing the music for yourselves. We’re SO fucking pleased to premiere a full stream of this fine album, which you can hear right after the jump.

We actually have two widgets, both of which will play the whole album for you. We like both of them, so we’re using both! To get the album, visit either CMDistro or Aborted’s IndieMerch store.

ABORTED – ‘Global Flatline’ Stream by Century Media Records


  1. Fridays are my Mondays and this just made my Mondays that much better.

    Also Nailed Through Her Cunt is one of the best song titles I’ve heard in a long time.

  2. Two Words. Fucking. Awesome.

    My ears bled in joy and happiness.


  4. I can’t find an expression good enough to describe how fucking awesome this stuff is!!!
    Goddamnit, just sheer fucking brutality! The new version of Nailed Through Her Cunt is great aswell and made me quite happy while hearing it.

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