Jan 242012

“Dude, gimme another huff a that embalming fluid.”

“You wanna go easy on that shit.  Will fuck you up somethin’ fierce.”

“Fuck you man, just pass it over here.”

“I’m serious, you huff too much embalming fluid, you’ll start to see some weird shit. Teeth and eyeballs and skulls and shit.  And space.”

“Yeah, well that would be better than what I’m lookin’ at now.  Just shut the fuck up and pass it over.”

“Okay, moron, your funeral.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

(The song is from The Hunter (one of the best on the album, I think.) The video was directed and animated by Tim Biskup and just premiered at boingboing. Go easy on the embalming fluid.)


  1. I’ll lay off the embalming fluid, but you back the fuck away from my gold spray paint and lunch bag.

  2. What. the. fuck. did I just watch?
    Was there something in those taquitos I ate for lunch?

  3. Defiantly one of the best off that CD, but I do miss the days of Remission. Sounds more like a heavier Alice In Chains (of who I am a fan).

    • I’m actually more reminded of The Sword on their more rock and roll songs from Warp Riders. Got that same desert-y kind of feel.

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