Jan 262012

I happen to like Red Fang’s music, but when it comes to Red Fang’s videos, it really doesn’t matter what you think of the music. They could be playing “Achy Breaky Heart” on a butt trumpet and the videos would still be funny as shit to watch. And now, hot from the cutting room, we have yet another addition to the Red Fang cinematic library: The “Hank Is Dead” video.

People who’ve been following the advance hype already know that the video involves an air guitar competition, but there’s more: awkwardly unclothed dudes who should never be seen without clothes, aerodynamically magnificent paper airplanes, an awesome wristwatch, plenty of beer, and plenty of beer. Also, there is a lot of beer.

If you don’t have some fun with this song set to this film footage, then, as much as I love you for reading NCS, I have to conclude that you have a case of tight-sphincter syndrome and you need a good loosening up.

Speaking of which, no, I don’t know what a butt trumpet is. It just seemed to fit the sentence. Watch the video after the jump.


  18 Responses to “RED FANG: THE “HANK IS DEAD” VIDEO”

  1. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, butt trumpet that is.

    • Not a fair trade — your butt trumpet is already spread all over the internet. Mine is a closely guarded secret.

      • That’s what makes it even more exciting. It’s not very often you find a unmolested butt trumpet

        • I’m just gonna take your word for that. But still, no deal. I’m believe in butt trumpet privacy.

          • Alright, but your missing out on the wonderful world of internet butt trumpet sharing.

            • Well, we needed a new blog sub-header, so this will do.

            • Also this (stolen from the Trollfest facebook page):

              A troll walks into a bar and orders a beer and the bartender asks him to pay up. The troll says he has no money, but for the beer, he will sing through his asshole. The bartender is a little bit skeptical, but figures if the troll can do it, it’s worth a beer. He agrees and the troll gets up on a stool, drop his pants, bends over, and then shits all over the bar. The bartender is pissed and screams, “What the hell did you do that for?”

              The troll replies, “Sorry, I was just clearing my throat.”

  2. Red Fang videos need 1000% more shower scenes.

  3. The opening of this video has been happening to me far too often these days since I saw them open for Mastodon back in November.

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