Feb 032012

About an hour ago, Gojira added a link to the uncut version of “Vacuity” on their Facebook page, declared “Sharing Friday”, and commanded: “Share the name Gojira everywhere!!”

Who are we to ignore such a command?

Some things never lose their awesomeness with the passage of time. Besides, lacking anything new from these French titans, we must make do.


Gojira – Vacuity from Julien Mokrani on Vimeo.

  5 Responses to “GOJIRA SPEAKS, WE OBEY”

  1. Holy headstomping riffs Batman!

    Plus, I like the dragging around your coffin metaphor. Top notch.

  2. Fuck. That was a damn good video.

  3. Almost the same concept we recently saw in the last solstafir video

    • Yes, very similar concept. I thought about putting the Fjara video along with this one. Probably should have. Gojira’s video came 3 years before Solstafir’s.

  4. God damn gimmegimme some new Gojira AND MERCH!!

    Vacuity is among my favourite songs of all time, it’s simply stomplicious!

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