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Dan Seagrave is a god among men, at least when it comes to pens, pencils, and paint. I’ve slobbered over his artwork before — for example, in this review of Wretched’s Beyond the Gate in 2010, which included many examples of his album art at the end. But I got a fresh reminder this morning when Rev. Will sent me a link to that stunner up above.

I had to do some net sleuthing to find out what it was. Turns out it’s the cover art to a 2011 album called Facet of Aberration by a thrash band from the Bay Area called Invection. I hadn’t heard of them before, but I’m throwing in some of their music after the jump.

As for Mr. Seagrave’s artwork, there’s a fan-sponsored page on Facebook, the creator of which has been adding album art — without any band logos or album titles to obscure the sheer brutal goodness of the artwork. As of a few minutes ago, that page included 65 pieces of album art. You can gaze upon all of that via this link. And after the jump, you can see a few more examples I haven’t previously posted at NCS.

Dan Seagrave has a merch store here and a personal Facebook page here.

Before we get to the Invection music and more of Master Seagrave’s art, here’s a Seagrave painting that isn’t an album cover but is gobsmackingly good. It’s from the “Temple Series” and is called “Drive By”.

Next . . . music from Invection’s album, which is being sold as a CD here.

“Impulsive Violence”

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/30448229″ iframe=”true” /]


[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/30448091″ iframe=”true” /]

“Two Faced Lie”

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/27692317″ iframe=”true” /]

And finally . . . more Seagrave album covers. Hover your mouse over the images to see the names of the albums.


  1. And don’t forget his album covers for Warbringer and Decrepit Birth, which certainly bear the hallmarks of his work.

    • Absolutely. I just added the Warbringer cover above. The Decrepit Birth was in the last post where I gathered examples of his cover art.

      • And you know what? Invection sounds pretty decent, although the music gets a little monotonous towards the climax.

  2. This artwork is so sick and twisted! Dan Seagrave is the man, even his last name sounds brutal!

  3. Seagrave is a maniac! Cool! So many times I tried to copy his style hehe None of them was successful 🙂 Originality, style, atmosphere…

    • I had the pleasure of meeting him at Maryland Deathfest two days ago. He was in the biggest merch tent signing autographed prints. Amazing artist.

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