Feb 162012

Take a minute to read these festival posters, and then answer me this:  What’s wrong with them?  

To be more precise, what’s wrong with these line-ups?

I’ll tell you what’s wrong.



More wrong posters can be found here. But perhaps the wrongest of the wrong is after the jump.

This poster is for a series of appearances in Australia in February and March. Now, on the one hand, the headline act isn’t a band of well-past-their-prime, self-loving gasbags, unlike two of the posters featured before the jump. On the other hand:

Limp Bizkit is third from the top.

Hole is on the fourth line from the top.

Meshuggah is so far down you have to squint to see their name.

And . . .




  36 Responses to “WRONG”

  1. …and Kvelertak and Watain are even further down!

  2. I love you, man.
    And Gojira. This is nuts!

  3. The Rick Santorum loving gasbag you’re referring to is Dave Mustaine, right? What’s that have to do with Metallica?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love hating on the personification of the frothy mixture of poop and lube juice. And I don’t care much for either Megadeath or Metallica…but I still don’t get what it has to do with Metallica. Or did one of them also endorse Santorum?

  4. Dude, Black Veil Brides over Watain. WTF!?!?!?!

  5. Looking closer at the Soundwave poster, something struck me…The Used still exist??????

    Didn’t that whole…thing disappear around 2005?

  6. The last Sonisphere poster pisses me off. Ghost, Gojira, and Amorphis should all be above Machine Head and Metallica.

    • Whenever I see/hear the phase X should be above Y, I assume that X will be jerking off and cumming on Y for a new GenkiGenki porno. Ideally with toads.

  7. I agree with the sentiment, but mostly I’m happy that SOAD are back and headlining. I don’t know if they can still make good new music, but dammit if i’m not curious.

  8. Turisas, Watain, and Devin Townsend lower than all of that utter shit. WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO
    *cries like a 5-year-old girl*

  9. Metallica? Didn’t they die in a bus crash in Sweden in 1986?

  10. I am very confused. Coal Chamber is back? Hole still exists? They couldn’t just write “Black Label Society” without adding “Zakk Wylde’s”? There’s a band called fucking “Thursday”?

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