Feb 232012

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New video from Wormrot on Metal Injection. A track from their Scion A/V EP,  Noise. Via a tip from TheMadIsraeli.

I have no other words.

  7 Responses to “WORMROT: “BREED TO BREED” VIDEO”

  1. What.THE FUCK. Just happened.

    It was like Fear and Loathing in Wonderland karaoke.

  2. I feel like I just got fucked in the brain very quickly, those responsible disappearing as abruptly as they had appeared, the only evidence that they had been there at all the new hole in my skull.

  3. They really should make more grindcore karaoke lamb on tv for a head themed bars.

  4. Wait…Wormrot has actual lyrics???

    I always thought the dude was speaking in tongues. Very angry tongues. Possibly relating some ancient prophecy about cheese pizza being the future ruler of the food pyramid, or crack cocaine frogcicles but…

    Yah, I guess brainwashing is also acceptable lyrical material.

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