Mar 072012

This is going to be really fast (see earlier post today about me being fucked by my fucking day job). Here’s the news:

“Legendary Swedish Viking/death metal masters UNLEASHED and have made the brand new track “Rise of the Maya Warriors” available for streaming here. The track comes off their upcoming album Odalheim. Bassist/vocalist Johnny Hedlund had this to say about the song:

“After years of struggle and toil against the armies of White Christ, the Midgard Warriors went across the open sea to gather the battalions there, and to build an army big enough to fight in the final stand,” rails lead hornblower Johnny Hedlund. “At the end of the (Vinland) North American journey, the Midgard Warriors and their growing armies traveled through the Sierra Madre and into Central America to meet with the Toltecs, Olmecs, Aztecs and others. It seemed they had all joined forces to build a rebellion against White Christ. They were now known as the Maya Warriors. We joined for Blot and Celebrations to our common task and for life long freindship. We had now grown to be a very respectful army of warriors that set off to the European continent again…”

Now I’m not a well-educated historian, I’ll admit, but this doesn’t sound quite like any history I’ve ever heard about. I mean, I know there’s such a thing as Mixed Martial Arts, but Vikings, Toltecs, Olmecs, and Aztecs teaming up under the “Maya Warrior” banner and venturing to Europe?  That’s some new shit right there! Sounds awesome.

So does this song.  Check it out at DECIBEL or after the jump. Odalheim will be released on April 20 in Europe and April 24 in North Am by Nuclear Blast.


  1. Til Valhall! on December 21, 2012 then?

  2. Yeah, I don’t think Unleashed got that out of any history book. I know that Vikings reached at least Newfoundland (NEW-FOUND-LAND) but I don’t think they ever made some sort of pact with the Central Americans to destroy the armies of Christ. Regardless, this is an interesting concept.

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