Mar 132012

And our Cannibal Corpse watch continues . . .

Not long ago we featured a song from the band’s Torture album (which is out in official release today) that DECIBEL had premiered on-line. Today, the same song — “Encased In Concrete” — has become the subject of a new official video that debuted on Bloody Disgusting.

Like the song, the video doesn’t hold still. In fact, I don’t think there’s a single frame that’s on screen for even one second. Epileptics beware. Also, yes, it features a dude being encased in concrete.

This song riiiiiiiiiips. The whole album riiiiiiiiiiips. The video does, too. Go HERE to watch it (it’s not yet embeddable or I’d just stick it up on our site).


  1. Pssst! Islander… look at the song title in the article title! It’s a little off don’t you think?

  2. Oh, they meant literally encased in concrete?? I thought it was a metaphor for safe sex….

    I particularly liked the bass in that song. No idea why. I just tickled my fancy. Mm-mmm! Scrotum tickling!

  3. Gasp! The official video Islander linked to was a fake! THIS is the real one!

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