Mar 052012

So, because a certain record label has mistaken NCS for a legitimate organ of metal journalism (when in fact we were born out of wedlock), we have already heard the new Torture album by the almighty Cannibal Corpse. On March 13, when it issues forth from whatever kind of womb gives birth to something like this, everyone can hear it. But until then, the public streaming of new songs from the album is like a present for the ears.

Just moments ago, the quite awesome DECIBEL magazine gave us one of those presents when they began streaming the fourth track from the album, “Encased In Concrete”. This motherfucker is like the detonation of a giant riff bomb. I counted three killer riffs (after I picked my teeth up off the floor), any one of which could have solidly anchored your average death metal onslaught. And that’s not counting the song’s intro, which is like the musical equivalent of being hosed down with a flamethrower.

Go visit DECIBEL at this location to read the cool write-up about the album and stream the song. And if you’re too lazy to do that, the player is also here, after the jump.

Torture will be released by Metal Blade on March 13. You can buy it here.



  1. Pretty good. Not sure if I really want this album though… their style has gotten kinda old to me.

    • That’s why their so reliable, “They write catchy death metal songs about gruesome murders, and that’s that.”

  2. I can’t wait to go home and make my head explode with Cannibal Corpse. Only…..five more hours! Fuuuuck!


  4. Give me your copy of this album or lose me forever

  5. Well you can say whatever you want but CC for sure keeps Death-metal on a right tracks!, even after more than twenty years its still sounds fresh and of course ”BRUTAL”!…

  6. Damn. That there is a song full of riffs to kill or mosh to, depending on your personality. I usually mosh but occasionally I get the urge to kill people, at which point I play Bulletstorm where I can shoot a man in the groin and then kick his head off as he begs for mercy. Ahem.

  7. аеее крутая тема. нравится!

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