Mar 172012

Man, I overdid it last night. An old friend is getting married today and so a lot of other old friends gathered together to celebrate the occasion by getting completely wrecked. Of course, I know that it’s possible to celebrate joyous events without getting all hammersmashed-face, but I know that as kind of an abstract intellectual concept instead of an actual experience.

And I’m sure that tonight it’s going to happen all over again, especially because the wedding is on St. Patrick’s Day. There’s a reason why green is the color of the day today, and the reason is that St. Patrick’s Day is a big green light for getting wrecked. It’s like coming to a four-way intersection at top speed with a green light ahead of you, except all the other lanes approaching the intersection also have green lights. Fun!

I decided that the only way I was going to survive the experience was by sleeping as much as possible last night after getting to bed about 3 a.m.  Which I did.  Which is why this post is so late and involves no music. If I don’t get something else done for NSC today, tomorrow is likely to be equally empty of meaningful content.

In the end, I blame my wife. She usually acts as a speed governor when we party together, gently reminding me when I’m about to go right off the road. My memory is hazy, but I think last night she was the one at the wheel.

Anyway, I’m curious what everyone is listening to on this St. Patrick’s Day, even if it isn’t metal, but especially if it’s metal. Whether or not it’s something you chose because this is St. Pat’s, what sounds good on this Saturday?

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  1. What I’ve listened to today: Hate Eternal, Behemoth, and the Irish Rovers.

    What I hope to listen to today: Orthodox Celts, Gaelic Storm, The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Flogging Molly (all Irish bands that I listen to a lot, regardless of what day it is). I also may listen to Morbid Angel’s “Domination,” because no joke, the riffs are green in my head (I have synesthesia).

  2. That art at the top of the post is awesome…who did that

    Currently listening to Ritual Necromancy – Oath of the Abyss

    Will probably end up listening to Bran Barr, Suidakra, Aes Dana, as well as The High Kings, Carbon Leaf, and the Dropkick Murphys at some point today

  3. Today I listened to God of Shamisen and Takahashi Chikuzan today. I had planned on listening to the new Cannibal Corpse album, but I’m still waiting on Amazon to deliver the fucking CD. Maybe tomorrow??

    • IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD. You will not be disappointed. I honestly think it’s the best album they’ve ever made.

      • I really liked Kill, and this seems to be an improvement on that…formula (?), so I expect not to be disappointed.

        AND IF I AM!!!! Well, I guess I’ll have an expensive coaster….

  4. I’m listening to the sounds of children screaming as they burn to death.


  5. Like any true Canadian, I’ll be listening to this for much of the day. Sadly, they are playing a show tonight, but I won’t actually be able to see them since I have other commitments.

    • Yeah buddy! Them and Dropkicks are my drinking companions, although tonight alcohol is being eschewed for some other entertainment.

      Related: When I saw Dropkicks in the summer they came back for an encore of “Kiss Me, I’m Shitfaced”, for this encore, they let all the chicks from the audience on stage. So it ended up being a stage crammed with women going nuts while they jammed. Rock and fucking roll.

      • I haven’t listened to the Dropkicks in years. Last albums I have on my iPod are The Meanest of Times and The Warrior’s Code. But “Kiss Me, I’m Shitfaced” has to be one of the best song titles of all time.

  6. I’ll probably bust out some Pogues, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, maybe some Skyclad, Eluveitie, Mael Mordha… who knows?

  7. If I listen to anything Irish today, it will probably be Darkest Era. So far I’ve been listening to Blasphemophagher and Vektor, and soon I’ll be popping in my new Ares Kingdom and Ketzer CDs.

  8. I will be listening to the Pokemon rap:

  9. If you are into all this green crap some older Primordial would seem like the obvious choice.

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