Mar 182012

(Phro saves the day!  Correctly guessing that your humble editor would roll out of bed this morning hung over and without anything to post at NCS, he wrote this and left it waiting in my e-mail in-box . . .)

How’s the hangovers, motherfuckers???

Islander seemed like he wasn’t expecting to be fully operational today, what with his liquid cephalic medicinal procedure expecting to go all night.  (Although, inquiring minds would still like to know how a headless Glorious Leader from 2199 is able to both survive without a steady supply of monkey blood AND run the greatest, most amazingest, mindblowingly stupendous blog in the universe.  The official Phro guess is anabolic steroids and coffee.)

Anyway, I thought I’d write up a quick list of videos I found this morning.

First, DEAtHtUNE (the holy-fuck-his-beard-is-more-awesome-than-ZZ-Top-in-a-headlock-by-a-70s-porn-star Iranian band featured before on NCS, such as here, has a new video.  It is bassy as fuck.  It’s like Jupiter just strolled over and sat down next to you and crushed you with it’s massive fucking gravity.  If your testicles/ovaries don’t swell with excitement, you’re clearly dead and should see a doctor about that.  But maybe listen to the song one more time before you go, just to make sure that you were listening properly.



Next up!  Horror movie time!

There’s a new Baby Metal song.  It’s . . . look, okay, the first one was kinda cute and I will admit that I enjoyed it in the same way one enjoys watching pigs fuck.  It’s really quite disgusting, how their long, wiry dicks just kinda . . . look for the hole, but at the same time, “Haha!  Pig dick!”

So, since you all have the worst hangovers ever, I figured now would be a good time to inflict MAXIMUM DAMAGE!!!


Apparently, that’s the high sound quality version.  It still sounds like a bucket of wet shit. Oh, who am I kidding?  I’m still enjoying the pig fucking.

Let’s move on from this debacle as quickly as possible.

Last thing!  I found a video of Wormrot performing in a record store in Salt Lake City.  (And by found, I mean I looked on their Facebook page.)  I only bring it up for two reasons.  One, watching Wormrot is the best way to get over listening to anything-pop.  Two, they bring the intensity no matter fucking what.  (The crowd doesn’t seem to be moving at all, except some random dude with a can of beer who’s shuffling back and forth as if he’s at the prom trying really hard to get the courage to as a girl to dance, but he’s certain she’ll say no because she’s like the hottest girl ever, but still he’s had a crush on her for about ten years and he watched a romantic comedy last night and . . . I JUST WANT TO BE LOVED!!!)

Also, it’s fucking Wormrot.


Happy hangover day!

  14 Responses to “HAPPY HANGOVER DAY!!”

  1. Hangover? Don’t know bout that, but I do know about a 14km march wearing battle gear on painkillers because of a muscle fraction on your thigh’s tricep. Fun! No really, it actually was pretty cool.

    AND that Deathtune track was sweeeeet. Damn they need some more publicity…

    • Apparently, yesterday was green booze day. I’m not sure, because I’m not a fan of green…

      Deathtune definitely needs more exposure. In fact, I support having them play during the next half Super Bowl half-time show.

      It would be more exciting that Janet Jackson’s boobie.

  2. Holy fuck. it’s like Dance Dance Revolution shit directly into my spine. Without a reach around. BABYMETAL \m/

  3. Also relevant: new Cattle Decapitation. The song is called ‘A Living, Breathing Piece Of Defecating Meat’.

  4. Can’t stop…watching….BABYMETAL.

    Dammit Phro! This is not helping my hangover!

  5. Times like these are when I’m glad I don’t drink… times like these are also when I feel cheated because everyone else gets a hangover and I’m left with very little on NCS…

  6. There’s hip-hop sections in babymetal now? Sellouts! Their earlier stuff was way better.

  7. I’m not hungover, but that BABYMETAL song made me very confused. And for some reason, overjoyed.
    Dammit Phro

    • It’s like eating a gallon of ice cream at two a.m.
      The shame, self-loathing, and disgust you feel will never go away, but you still can’t stop

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