Mar 202012

It seems to be the day for new videos — Wretched new videos. First we had the new video from North Carolina’s Wretched. Now we move across the Atlantic for a new video by a Norway-based band called The Wretched End.

This band started in 2008 as a collaboration between Emperor guitarist Samoth and Mindgrinder bassist Cosmo — both of whom played together in Zyklon — joined by Swedish drummer Nils Fjellström of Dark Funeral. Their debut album Ominous made NCS writer Andy Synn’s list of 2010’s greatest albums, and it was one of my personal favorites, too.

Naturally, we’re really looking forward to the April 23 release of the band’s second effort, Inroads, which will be distributed by Nocturnal Art Productions and Candlelight Records. Today we got our first taste of the music with the debut of an official video for the album’s third track, “Death By Nature”.

Ominous was a hell-ripping dose of blackened death-thrash, and “Death By Nature” punctures the same vein, but if anything it’s even darker. The pneumatic riffs in this song will kick your body into movement while the ominous melody thunders like a breaking storm. And when the gang vocals hit the chorus, you WILL want to sing along with an evil snarl. The video is worth seeing, too.

Weeks before the video was released, Samoth described it in an interview, as follows:

“[W]e filmed the video in rural Norway in cooperation with the contemporary artist Vex. We’ve shot band footage and combined it with more dark and obscure scenes, mostly based around nature in some way. We did some quite interesting stuff in the filming process, like for instance time-lapsed a real decaying moose head in an old barn.

“The video was a total DIY project, and a learning process for everyone involved, but it has turned out well and I’m excited to also have this video as a promo tool for the new album.”

Here is “Death By Nature”. You can find out more about the band at their Facebook page, here, and “Death By Nature” is also now selling as an iTunes single.


  1. I’ve been trying to get jazzed about this album but as a big Emperor fanboy and Zyklon listener, I can’t really help but feel that it’s a big step down. Samoth’s technical riffing was what fueled Emperor in their later years. Ominous was simplified as it was. This song just seems like they phoned it in.

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