Mar 242012

THAT, my friends, is the cover art for the new (third) album by Sweden’s In Mourning, The Weight Of Oceans, which will be released by Spinefarm Records on April 18. The artwork is by none other than Kristian Whålin (Necrolord).

This is old news, since the album art and details about the album were released in late February — except I didn’t pick up on it until TheMadIsraeli started chatting with me about In Mourning earlier today on FB.

Necrolord has created so many stupendous metal album covers in his career, but this is definitely one of my favorites.  This excerpt from his bio at The Font of All Human Knowledge includes some info I didn’t know (and after the jump, I’ve got some music from The Weight of Oceans):

At the age of 17, Wåhlin formed Grotesque (as guitarist) with school friend Tomas Lindberg on vocals, Alf Svensson on guitar, and Tomas Eriksson on drums. The 1990 break-up of Grotesque would lead to the formation of At the Gates, who would be credited as instigators of the “Gothenburg Melodic death metal sound”. Wåhlin would collaborate with Lindberg and other At the Gates members a short time additionally in the death metal band Liers in Wait, and would go on to design the “Russian icon” cover-art of At the Gates’ cornerstone release, Slaughter of the Soul.

Dissection, who shared practice quarters with At the Gates, would display illustrations by Wåhlin on the cover of The Somberlain and also Storm of the Light’s Bane; the latter featuring the infamous scene of the “grim reaper horseman” in the middle of a snow-covered forest tundra. In the Nightside Eclipse, the debut of seminal Norwegian black metal band Emperor, would also be graced with his work on the cover. Wahlin would continue as an album artist for several other bands in the European death, black, doom, power and gothic metal collective throughout the 2000s.

Now here’s a teaser clip of music from the album, all of which sounds fuckin’ sweet to my ears, except for one little part, and I think you’ll figure out which part that is. We are eagerly awaiting this album, our claws opening and closing in reflexive expressions of grasping greediness.


Check out In Mourning on Facebook here, where you can find info about album pre-orders.

  22 Responses to “EYE-CATCHERS: IN MOURNING”

  1. Awesome music and artwork. Plus it turns out this Wåhlin guy designed my favorite death metal album cover of all time.

  2. This made me cry a celestial tear while I ate my nutritious moonloops.

  3. Awwwwww! I’m so happy for Chthulu and Jormungand! Their son’s getting so big!

  4. Excellent. I coupled Monolith with an Insomnium album (Above the Weeping World) a couple of years ago and then listened the fuck out of both whilst reading a suitably epic fantasy trilogy. That was possibly too much information.
    Anyway, the point is that Monolith rules and I had no idea that In Mourning had recorded a new album, so thanks once again for posting about it. Also that artwork is sublime.

    PS I wore my Fucking Good Pancake tour t-shirt to an Exhumed gig last night. Sadly there are no pictures, but it’s Spawn of Possession next week (oh, and Obscura are headlining but who cares) so photos will happen.

  5. Love his artwork..that Dissection cover is such an iconic metal image.

    Grotesque was an awesome band too….

  6. I’m gonna like this. I was kinda disappointed by Monolith, but I really dug the debut. It’s hard to tell from just clips but this might be their best yet.

  7. this sounds pretty good. I liked the first In Mourning record but couldn’t stand Monolith. Maybe this will get me back into them.

    As for the clean singing, I actually thought it was well-done… until i heard the lyrics.

  8. *heh*, one more band from my list ;P It is very nice to see that they chose some “traditional” cover artwork this time =) “Monolith” -coverartwork (and before “Shrouded Divine”) fit to their respective albums, too, but this one seems to be extra special ;D

  9. I love it when you post porn so early in the morning.

    But then you had to Add all that gross clean singing…my boner may never recover.

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