Mar 262012

The first two bands featured in this round-up have been the subject of previous features at this site, so we already know and like their music. But what we have here are new music videos that are worth a gander. And then the third piece of this triad is a new song from a band called Vorkreist (sans video).


TheMadIsraeli reviewed this Australian band’s latest release, Glorification Of A Myth, back in June 2011. He described the music as “a mix of PestilenceDark Angel, some slight Cannibal Corpse-isms, Vader, and a good dose of neo-classicism in the melodic moments” — a powerhouse collection of “killer riffs” and “face-melting guitar antics”.

The new video is for a song from the album called “Sanctuary”. It confuses me. It’s clearly telling a story, but I haven’t figured it out yet. Are the children at the end younger versions of characters we’re seeing at the beginning? Why the leap off the cliff? And what’s the snake man chopping with that cleaver? If you get it, leave a comment.

The YouTube version of the clip includes the lyrics, which are much better than average for a metal song, but they haven’t helped me figure out the video. I’ll link to them after the video.


Now, HERE is where you can find the lyrics.


In January of this year, groverXIII introduced us to this UK band with a review of their free 2012 EP, Split Tongue, Cloven Hoof, which he called a “fantastic four-track EP of kick-you-square-in-the-dick stoner metal”, “a mix of High On Fire and Motörhead.”

This morning, grover alerted me to XII Boar’s release of a music video for one of the EP’s tracks, “Slamhound”. Unlike “Sanctuary”, this video I understand: guys acting goofy, a chick getting a band tat on her thigh, some beer drinking and rocking out, some boob-grabbing. In other words, simple, wholesome fun.

And the song still rocks very fucking hard.



This French band is new to me. Agonia Records plans to release their fourth album, Sigil Whore Christ, on April 24 in Europe and May 22 in North America. Agonia has put up a song from the album on Soundcloud called “Maledicte”. The first part of the song made me feel like I’d stuck my head in a blast furnace, and then it reversed course into a murderously slow but equally nasty crawl. Kind of a blend of black and death metal, the music is a good come-on for Sigil Whore Christ. Check it out below this picture of the album cover.

Vorkreist is on Facebook here.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]


  1. Yeah I have have about as much of an idea of what went on in that Ouroboros as video as I do of what rash is currently occupying the area twixt my cheeks.

    The XII Boar video is plenty rad though.

  2. I have to assume that Ouroboros didn’t plan on having their video look that silly. The singer’s facial expressions don’t really help any, of course.

  3. Confused as fuck about the video but I still love the album.

  4. I don’t necessarily know what was going on in the Ouroboros video either, but the song was pretty cool.

  5. It’s the Ouroboros video just a metaphor for how the shit that happens in childhood shapes who we become as adults? And if you group up in a twisted environment, there’s a strong possibility it could not-so-good effects on the adult person? Obviously, I’m projecting a lot, but that’s what I took it as. I think the end was just showing that sometimes we can escape those effects and sometimes we just have to drown ourselves with a big rock.

    Or maybe it was just soft-core torture porn footage someone accidentally spliced into the wrong video…

  6. The Ouroboros video makes perfect sense if you pay attention to the various images at the beginning. Clearly they are trying to warn you that your breakfast cereal is made out of snakes, something I’ve long suspected to be the case anyway.

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