Apr 042012

Well, fuck me blind. It’s just going to be one of those days when every time I glance at my internet feeds I’m going to see something I must post about. It’s not even 10 a.m. here in the grey Pacific Northwest and we’re up to five posts. You can imagine the extent of not-working at my day job that’s going on. But priorities must be observed, and the priorities at the moment are Ihsahn and Nervecell.


Candlelight Records have announced June 19 as the North American release date for Eremita (Latin for hermit), the fourth album from Norway’s Ihsahn, who should need no introduction.

Ihsahn alone would be worth attention, but on the new album there will be many notable guest appearances. The album will include performances by drummer Tobias Ornes Andersen (Leprous), saxophonist Jorgen Munkeby (Shining – Norway), guitarist Jeff Loomis (ex-Nevermore), and vocalists Devin Townsend, Einar Solberg (Leprous), and Heidi S. Tveitan (Star of Ash). The album artwork was created by Spanish designer Ritxi Ostariz, and you can see the cover after the jump.

Eremita will be available on standard CD and a limited edition deluxe digibook (featuring an exclusive bonus track).

But in addition to all that juicy news, Candlelight has also released today a teaser video with snippets from a few of the songs on Eremita. Among other things, it includes blast beats and harsh vocals, which makes me happy. But frankly, everything I hear on this teaser reel makes me happy. It’s right after the jump.


Now, here’s the album cover, followed by the track list:

Eremita Track Listing:
1. Arrival
2. The Paranoid
3. Introspection
4. The Eagle And The Snake
5. Catharsis
6. Something Out There
7. Grief
8. The Grave
9. Departure
10. Recollection (deluxe edition only)


I’ve been a big fan of Dubai-based Nervecell since hearing their 2008 full-length debut, Preaching Venom.  Last year, they released their second album, Psychogenocide. It was one of many 2011 releases that I liked but just didn’t find time to review. Suffice to say that it’s a torrent of galvanizing death metal that’s worth hearing. And now, I can give you a convenient way of sticking your fingers in the megawatt Nervecell socket (be sure to lick your fingers first, for best effect).

Today, the band have released an official music video for “Shunq (To The Despaired…Kind Of Darkness)”, which features Karl Sanders (Nile) on guest vocals. This song bludgeons. Check it out:



  1. Ah, yes. More Prog Metal with Saxophone. Quite delicious.

    …And Nervecell are kickin’ it as always.

  2. How can you make a video on a sand dune and not wear Hawaiian shirts??? I admire their ability to resist temptation.

    Also, we need about a million more death metal duets. But next time, I want to see some fucking roses.

  3. This is why I hate videos, they completely ruin my image of the song! This is such a shitty video, I hope it doesn’t change my view of Nervecell because I really like their newest album.

  4. That teaser is all over the place in a good way. Gotta go thru his back catalog again as I didn’t retain any of it previously.

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