Apr 042012

I am deeply, DEEPLY in the debt of Ben C. (Church of the Riff) for sending me the link that inspired this post.

I also wish I had thought of this myself. But I didn’t. Credit goes to a blog called Tastebuds. Whoever runs that blog ferreted out a montage of the worst album covers ever created. One of my favorites is up above. I was tempted to just steal all of them for this NCS post, but that wouldn’t be right. So, instead, I’ve just picked out a handful of other favorites to include here after the jump.

But you really need to see all of them — it’s the cumulative effect of seeing all 30 of them in a row that will bring you to the point of tears. That’s certainly what happened to me. I laughed so fuckin’ hard I started crying. I think I peed myself, too, but with me that’s always difficult to tell.

So, check out  a few more choice covers after the jump, and then go here to see all of them. Be sure to come back and tell us whether you peed yourself.



  1. Besides the seriously disturbing (and funny as shit) combination of cover and title “My Pussy Belongs to Daddy” also has some of the best song titles EVAH:

    He Forgot His Rubbers.
    Tony’s Got Hot Nuts

  2. I love the one you have at the top here. I feel comforted just looking at it.

  3. I think some of those on the other page are fake . . . but I’ve seen a lot of them before on an old list, and most of them I think are real. Still funny.

    • I think it might almost be better if they were all fake, because that would be a sign of truly demented intelligence instead of just . . . pathetically sad and creepy people trying to share their undoubtedly horrible music with the world.

  4. Holy fuck, I can’t stop laughing. Fake or not, this is awesome stuff.

  5. I didn’t know Borat had an album of accordion music… Also, the “Thank you for the Dove” cover on the other page is hilarious.

  6. Apparently the 70’s was a messed up time. No wonder my parents are freaks, and turned me into one in the process.

  7. Wayne Newton’s isn’t really that way, someone just decided to be clever. I believe the rest are indeed real – I’ve seen a few of these on other lists and seen a couple of the covers in my hands at a friend’s place trying to catalogue all that he has.

    A few of these are indeed among the worst album covers ever. A comprehensive list would also include many, many, MANY metal covers.

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