Apr 262012

That, my friends, is Happy Metal Guy wearing the NCS Fucking Good Pancake Tour shirt with none other than Frank Motherfucking Mullen and Terrance Motherfucking Hobbs of the almighty Suffocation, and the photo was taken in motherfucking Singapore, no less. And that’s not all — not by a long shot.

After the jump, you’ll see photos of Happy Metal Guy, once again looking just smashing in the old massive wall of penis, with members of Nile and Psycroptic. Yes, HMG collared all of these bands yesterday in advance of  the Diablo Open Air Festival in Singapore, which took place on April 26 (Singapore time). He is covering that festival for Teeth of the Divine, and I understand he’ll be meeting up with Arch Enemy by the time you read this. Of course, I expect he will have the same exemplary culinary taste when he dresses for that meeting. UPDATE: HMG did get a quick meet with a few Arch Enemy members, and there’s a pic of him with awesome drummer Daniel Erlandsson and new guitarist Nick Cordle after the jump.

If you don’t immediately recognize the name “Happy Metal Guy”, that’s the pseudonym he uses when he writes for Angry Metal Guy, but he has other names, including a couple he has used when he contributes posts here at NCS (including the “Keyboard Warrior” interview series). He also writes for a bunch of other sites, too — the dude just plain gets around, y’know? But he made me proud wearing the NCS shirt for his meetings with all those big-name metal bands half a world away from where we run this site. So fucking cool.

Also, very fucking cool that none of these bands had HMG ejected from the premises after they saw that shirt.

More fucking cool pics after the jump . . .

HMG With Terrance Hobbs (SUFFOCATION)





HMG With Daniel Erlandsson (ARCH ENEMY)

HMG with Nick Cordle (ARCH ENEMY)

  12 Responses to “NOW THIS IS HOW YOU REPRESENT!”

  1. Fuck yeah!

  2. hell yeah!!!!!!! that is just awesome!!!!!!

  3. I fully expect to wear mine on BARGE TO HELL for ya 🙂

  4. Hey! I have that shirt, too!

    Umm…I’d send you pictures, but it’s currently wrapped around my dick in an attempt to breed more of them.

    • I’m glad we have the internet because that way you can’t see me crying. But hey, if it works, please let me know. It would save a lot of money the next time I decide to make shirts. Unless, of course, you charge for your spunk.

  5. I nearly got Mike Amott!!!

    Sob. :'(

  6. Which reminds me that I need to send in my pictures of NCS representation, but they are going to be astoundingly lame by comparison…

  7. I wore mine to Occupation Domination on Saturday, I told Derek of Cattle that I planned on reviewing the new album for NCS and I asked if he had heard of the site, and he said that he thought he did. Josh Elmore took a quick interest in the shirt right before the band started playing, I simply told him that I’m a big fan of the blog and left it at that as it was quite loud in the venue.

    I had a tough time talking to Derek (it was all my own doing though), I’m only like 5 foot 8 inches tall and Derek’s like 6 foot 5, and since it was so loud and I apparently have a hard time recognizing the fact that people can’t hear me, the guy had to repeatedly bend down and ask “What’s that?”. Derek was a patient guy though, and all the band members were great. I can’t really say anything about Dave McGraw though, I didn’t really converse with him much, but he, like the rest of the members seemed sincerely grateful for my being a big fan.

    Josh Elmore smiled nearly every time we made eye contact and Travis seemed rather eager to talk.

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