Apr 272012

You might want to consider stopping what you’re doing, unless you’re performing open heart surgery, and go listen to the title track from Gojira’s forthcoming Roadrunner release, L’Enfant Sauvage. It’s now streaming at Pitchfork, which you can access via this link.

I’m in the middle of a work thing that prevents me from listening. So come back and tell me what I’m missing.  Please!

Oh yeah, it looks like we now have the album art.

(via MetalSucks)



  1. FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ohh well just made a dodo at work :/

  2. That is some heavy shit. Sounds damn good.

  3. Epic.

  4. It’s a very good song. I’m not a huge Gojira fan like a lot of people seem to be, but I dig them for the most part, and I quite liked the new tune.

  5. I finally got out of that work meeting and have now heard this, and I fucking love it! Fast, jolting, heavy, and with that little melody that, though fleeting and faint, is still memorable. Joe Duplantier sounds great too. Winner!

  6. I wasn’t blown away, to be honest. But hopefully it will be a grower.

  7. Pretty good! Didn’t blow me away like a good number of songs on “The Way of All Flesh” did, but it’s still a nice track. I do hope that the rest of the album is at least as good as “The Way of all Flesh”, though… for some reason I haven’t really been focusing on the upcoming Gojira album, maybe because of Cattle Decap. Oh well, I’ll pick both up at some point this year!

  8. The sound is so good–a lot more warm and organic than last time, and more underlying melodies, but it still sounds heavy!!!

    I love Joe’s vocal delivery here. Bringing that emotion back into death metal is EXACTLY what we need.

    Oh, and Mario is a fucking beast!

  9. Brilliant! A mixture of raw heaviness and a lovely melody most of the way through. great vocals and drumming too.
    It’s a good thought there are 12 more songs to come!

  10. Feels like a song that I need to hear in the context of the entire album as opposed to stand alone.

  11. that one song right there was better than the entire art of dying album. can’t fucking wait!

  12. Joe sounds AMMMAAAZING! Everything in is just PANCAKE! I could honestl cry abit, it’s just so beautiful as it is brutal and heavy. CAN NOT FUCKING WAIT!

  13. This rocks!

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