May 072012

Allegaeon’s new album Formshifter will be released tomorrow on Metal Blade. Today, we have a new lyric video for a song called “Behold (God I Am)”.

I have seen this video, but that is all I have been able to do.  To be more precise, I have not heard this video.  I am in a secret location where I can look at my computer, but I can neither turn up the volume nor employ ear buds or headphones.  I could tell you why, but then I would have to kill you.

Having seen the video, which includes lyrics because it is a lyric video, I know what the song is about. It’s about the age-old war among religions, with the lives of innocents caught in the crossfire. Endless sermons . . . endless carnage . . . all in the name of one Creator. Nope, it’s not a happy song.

I also know the song includes a long intro, because much time passes before the words appear. There are also instrumental sections, because the words disappear at times.

I like this band quite a bit, which is why I’m posting about a song I’ve never heard. Please tell me whether that was a mistake, or a boon to your day, won’t you?  The vid is after the jump.


Allegaeon are from Colorado and their Facebook page is here.


  1. This was a boon to my day. Is the logo for Formshifter supposed to be a pentagram, or just a weird gear thing? I watched the video but I’m still not sure.

    Anyways, you are missing out on not hearing this.

  2. I hate lyric videos, it feels like a cheap cop out.

    I am digging the new songs though, so it’s a love hate kinda deal.

  3. Am I the only one who has noticed that there is only a 2 letter difference between Allegaeon and Aegaeon’s names?

  4. Behold!!! I am God!!! \m/

  5. That just shows your dedication and you’ve never disappointed with anything posted here. So no not all has this been anything but a fuck yea this rules.

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