May 072012

Well, this sure as hell snuck up on me silently and quickly and pounced from behind without warning. Season of Mist has begun taking pre-orders for a new EP titled Drought by Deathspell Omega that’s scheduled for release on June 22. The pre-order page (HERE) says that artwork will be revealed soon, but the image above appears right alongside the order info, and it looks like artwork to me.

Deathspell Omega have no official web site or social media pages, and they don’t talk much, so I suppose that explains why this arrived unheralded and without fanfare. But I have no doubt word will spread quickly. Here’s the verbiage that accompanies the order info at the Season of Mist e-shop:

Drought has the sour taste of the inexorable; it is a musical journey through the last moments before disaster hits. This recording displays some of the most lethal song writing ever witnessed from the band while retaining their unmistakable sound.”

My first exposure to the band was their 2010 album Paracletus, which made me an immediate fan. I suspect we have more than a few equally devoted fans among the readers of this site. This post, therefore, should make your fucking day. And since Deathspell Omega is now uppermost in my mind, I think I’ll play a song for you after the jump. I picked this one because, for those of you not familiar with the band, it happens that Season of Mist is still offering it for free download HERE. Also after the jump is the track list for Drought.

“Devouring Famine” (from Paracletus)


DROUGHT – Track List

1. Salowe Vision 3.45
2. Fiery Serpents 4.15
3. Scorpions & Drought 3.10
4. Sand 1.40
5. Abrasive Swirling Murk 3.50
6. The Crackled Book of Life 4.20



  13 Responses to “DEATHSPELL OMEGA: “DROUGHT””

  1. DsO is cool. “Paracletus” is a good album; I think I often underwrite it in my mind, probably because when I think of it I realize again and again that I don’t really “know” the entire album if you get what I mean. I have the album though and it’s certainly worth the money I spent.

    You know what would be a sick tour? Anaal Nathrakh supported by Deathspell Omega and Dragged Into Sunlight.

    • I could be convinced to maim a family member if it would make that tour happen.

      • I could be convinced to maim a family member regardless of whether this tour was going to happen.

        (Not really… okay, maybe my one cousin who thinks metal is noise and philosophy is useless.)

        • I think everyone has a cousin who needs maiming, just on general principles. I myself am fresh out of options. All my family members are cripples because I’ve maimed them previously in order to make other tours happen.

          • So YOU’RE the one to blame for all these magnificent tours that I haven’t been able to attend in recent years? (I’m on the fence as to whether I should give you positive feedback or to scold you for not planning ahead when I have a job and money with which to buy tickets and fund transportation… so I’ll go with both).

            How could you do this to me Islander? I thought we were friends!

            Oh, who am I kidding? Good show old boy.

            (Oh, and my OCD requires that I clarify that I’m not really the maiming type.)

    • Yay! Perfect excuse for me to promote my article on their trilogy then!

      • I enjoyed the piece, but find the hyperbole about “changing the face of black metal” difficult to agree with.

  2. If your interested in who’s in the band just check their page on encyclopedia metallium. There are interviews with the band out there as well.

  3. DoP is an amazing band!!!! Paracletus,was awesome!! and yes Islander this made my fucking day!!!! woooohoooo (with the fact that I’ll be receiving my copy of cattle decapitation and allegaeon soon) I’m a happy camper!!!

  4. Fucking Sweeeet!

  5. I THINK it can be a very good EP, but how can I know for sure? The DsO sound production is, once again, covered by an effect simulating 50 voices murmuring constantly in the background. All the arrangements, all the layers and all the stems, everything is wasted by this. DsO seems to really love this sound effect, since they’ve already use the same kind of voice murmurs from “Fas, Ite…” and “Paracletus”. I found it to be a small amusement on “Fas, Ite…” but when on Paracletus I thought, okey, the voice murmurs was fun on 1 album, now enough is enough.

    • What the hell are you talking about? They incorporate some ambient ‘effects’ at times, but it certainly doesn’t permeate any of their albums. Stay off the drugs.

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