May 102012

Marduk’s new album, Serpent Sermon, will be released by Century Media on June 1. I hear through the grapevine that our man Andy Synn will have a review in the near future. Today, the band debuted the official music video for a track called “Souls For Belial”.

There are black metal posers in the world. Marduk are not among them. With the exception of a well-timed, reduced-pace segment past the half-way point, “Souls For Belial” is a bestial, bile-drenched, soul-scraping, take-no-prisoners attack that flies fast and hard. The well-made video by Håkan Sjödin fits the music. The imagery, both of the band and of imagined creatures, exudes occult vitriol.

The next time someone pokes fun at black metal by linking to one of those lol-some Immortal videos, show them this one. Watch it after the jump.


  1. Fantastic video. Absolutely oozes darkness and death, and complements the music nicely.

  2. And you shall worship MARDUK!!!!

  3. Just wait for my review… just you wait…

    Marduk make me want to burn things…

  4. One of the few traditional black metal bands I enjoy 🙂

  5. first thoughts:
    ahhh those maggots are totally going up his nose aahhh
    video partly directed by joe rogan?
    second thoughts:
    awesome how these guys manage to stay brutal. lots of black metal does a great job of keeping it grim and icy, but this song has some serious stones and aggressive momentum.

  6. It’s gonna be a Black year, the new Naglfar kicks ass and now this? Fuck yeah!

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