May 152012

I saw this on a friend’s FB status. Too damn good not to share.

That isn’t the original photo, however.  This appears to be the original photo:

Hell, for all I know, the second one was Photoshopped, too.  Regardless, it’s also awesome.  I’m all in favor of reasoned, dispassionate, intelligent discourse about the issues of the day.  But sometimes you just gotta say Fuck This Guy, which is a sentiment I’ve been having a lot since seeing some of the predictable right-wing reactions to President Obama’s coming out in support of gay marriage.

I don’t have anything reasoned, dispassionate, or intelligent to say about the reasons why gay people should be allowed to marry — or at least nothing that hasn’t already been said much more eloquently by others. Plus, no one comes to NCS for political commentary anyway. Plus, I suspect that for the great majority of people who read this blog, I’d be preaching to the choir.

So I’ll just close this post by giving you what you do come here for, which is some new metal — about which I’ll have more to say shortly. This is Ilsa, from D.C., and it’s a new song called “Deadbeat’s Ballad” from a forthcoming 12″ with the wonderful name of Intoxicantation. It’s a crushing, neck-snapping concoction of death/doom and crust. Bang yo head.

[audio:|titles=Ilsa – Deadbeat’s Ballad]


  16 Responses to “PHOTOSHOPPING (AND ILSA) FTW”

  1. The second photo is almost certainly genuine. At least the guy on the left and his signs are real. I grew up about a mile away from the church that makes and displays those signs. They are a Topeka, Kansas church (although in my opinion it is an enormous stretch of definition to label them as a “church”) called Westboro Baptist Church and their pastor is a man named Fred Phelps. Do a search for any of that and you will discover a ton of crap.

    • Unfortunately, I’ve seen some of the Westboro Baptist “Church” shit. I didn’t recognize this particular piece of their handiwork.

    • Another thing: that is not the Westboro Baptist Church in the photo. One of the things these people do is picket other churches that have more tolerant attitudes toward homosexuals than they do.

  2. I still cannot fathom how basic human rights for everyone is something that people get upset about.

    Also, Patton Oswalt:


    • Unfortunately they just struck down a Civil Unions Bill here in Colorado…the biggest lobby against it was Focus on the Family, yet another Christian group pushing their model of a “family” onto everyone else. I’ll never understand either how my existence as a gay man can make others so upset.

  3. They should’ve left the two dude stick figures humping for the metal=sin photochop.

  4. I know it’s a cliche, but can’t we just get along and respect different views???

    • It’s not a cliche, it’s just hard to find. It’s picture like this and groups like Westboro Baptist “church” that make it even harder to be taken seriously when you say you listen to metal and believe in God. On a high note or should I say guttural note, that Ilsa track is great! A nice crust track for the morning. Thanks for posting Islander.

      • Westboro makes it hard for any normal respectful Christian period. Those dudes flap their lips and say some of the most obnoxious, hateful things, and every person with a dislike or grudge against religion points to those dickheads as examples of how awful Christianity is…as though they really are Christians.

        …and new material by Ilsa..awesome. Those guys are writing machines

        • The song is awesome!!!! And the thing is that I have friends that are Christians and I come from a Christian family (even If I’m not) and they do not act like those fuckers from Westboro and they respect others that don’t share their views or beliefs. Shit!! My Mom, who is a Christian likes the sound of Cannibal Corpse.

          • I could be an exception, but I don’t think Christians who believe in the dignity and worth of non-Christians need to apologize for the kind of rancid fuck-nut Christians like the guy with the disgusting sign or his like-minded sadistic brothers and sisters.

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