Jun 152012

Nachtmystium’s new album Silencing Machine is due for release on July 31 via Century Media. I’ve been really interested in this album because of Blake Judd’s interview comments about it (promising that it’s a move away from the Meddle albums and more of a follow-up to Instinct: Decay, i.e., “It’s a fuckin’ black metal record”.) and because of what I heard on the first song to be released from the album for streaming (the title track).

Today, Nachtmystium premiered a second song titled “Borrowed Hope and Broken Dreams” exclusively through some German site called Visions.de (here).

I’ve been trying off and on to get the goddamned music player on that site to stream the song for the last half hour, without success. I press play, and it just sits there like a lump of inert code. On the computer I’m using, I’ve only got Firefox and Safari, so maybe it’s a browser issue, or maybe it’s a slow net connection, which sometimes plagues me where I’m currently located. Or maybe Visions.de is just lame.

But really, why did Chicago-based Nachtmystium (or Century) pick some apparently non-metal site in Germany which features a bunch of annoying flashing ads as the locus for this song debut instead of an ad-free site whose music player works and whose verbiage can be read by stupid monolingual Americans, i.e., our site? There is no justice.

Anyway, if you can hear this song, let me know what you think. Meanwhile, I’m going over to Pitchfork to listen to the title track again, because it rips and rolls.


  1. It works for me when i use Opera.

  2. Works for me on Chrome. Sounds pretty much like I expected a Nachtmystium song to sound.

  3. Btw, they will be on a short tour at the end of July with dates in Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, and Chicago.

  4. It works for me in Firefox now. Try it again? The song’s pretty awesome, I like it way more than the other track they’ve put out there. But I’m way more of a Black Meddle fan than a black metal fan, so ymmv.

  5. Doesn’t work for me in IE9 or Opera 12, even if I launch the player in a new window/tab. Can’t even get Chrome to get Google to show up and I don’t have Firefox installed on the laptop, but I’m guessing I’d have problems with them too.

  6. The trick was to push the title in the player – not the play button. However, the link is dead by now, which is horrible, because the song was stunningly great!

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