Jun 202012

“Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

So it says in the Book of Job. I’ve never been quite clear about the being-naked-and-returning-to-my-mother’s-womb part, but I do know the Lord giveth. Witness, this:

Last night in Seattle was the kick-off show of a tour organized by the Southern Lord label (in fact, organized personally by the label’s owner, Greg Anderson), showcasing four of the label’s up-and-coming crushers: Black Breath (Seattle), Martyrdöd (Sweden), Burning Love (Ontario), and Enabler (Milwaukee).

All four of those bands have new albums that have either been released this year or will be coming soon. We’ve run features about two of those bands (which you can find here and here), and I’ve been meaning to write something about Martyrdöd ever since hearing a stream of their new song “Köttberg” when it started streaming at Pitchfork in late April.

At various stops on the tour, this foursome will be joined by the likes of Poison Idea, Noothgrush, Pelican, Power Trip, Wild/Tribe, Dead In the Dirt, and The Secret, almost all of whom we’ve also written about at NCS. So in a nutshell, this tour is going to be one rolling slaughterhouse of hard metal.

And that brings me to the free shit. To celebrate this tour, CVLT Nation, in cooperation with Southern Lord, is hosting a free download of a mixtape consisting of 20 songs — half of them from the bands on this tour and the remaining half from other recent Southern Lord alumni — including tracks from High On Fire, Black Cobra, Wolfbrigade, and a bootleg from Sleep that’s never before been officially released.

This compilation is so damned full of power that I don’t know whether to shit or go blind. Here’s the track list, and allow me to say, blessed be the name of The Lord.

CVLT Nation Label Series Southern Lord Mixtape Track List

1. Mother Abyss 2:33    Black Breath from the Sentenced to Life album
2. Christmas In Hell    3:41    Black Breath from the 2006 Demo
3. Klassfeinden    3:01    Martyrdöd from the Paranoia album
4. Paranoia    4:47    Martyrdöd from the Paranoia album
5. Karla 2:50    Burning Love from the Rotten Thing To Say album
6. Alien vs. Creditor    2:38    Burning Love from the Songs for Burning Lovers album
7. All Hail The Void    3:37    Enabler from the All Hail the Void album
8. Mercenary    1:13    Enabler from the Eden Sank To Grief album
9. Rich Get Richer    1:18    Poison Idea from the Fatal Erection Years album
10. Lathe Biosas     4:46    Pelican from the Ataraxia/Taraxis album
11. Hammer of Doubt –Power Trip from the Southern Lord tour 7″
12. Power    1:33    WILD//TRIBE from the Endless Nights album
13. Sever the Tie    1:16    Dead In The Dirt from the Fear 7″
14. Pleasure in Self Destruction    1:50    The Secret from the Solve Et Coagula album
15. Master of Fists – Demo version    10:48 High on Fire from The Art of Self Defense/Demo remaster
16. Somnae Tenebrae    3:25    Black Cobra from the Invernal album
17. Where No One Sleeps    2:24    Wolfbrigade from the Damned album
18. From Beyond (Live)    12:30    Sleep BOOTLEG not officially released
19. Rejoice the End 5:16    From Ashes Rise from the Rejoice the End/Rage of Sanity 7″
20. Cold    6:20    Xibalba    From the Hasta La Muerte album

You can stream all the songs and download this compilation by visiting CVLT Nation via this link.

I also want to give you the tour schedule, but there should be some music to accompany this. So, here are four tracks to stream, one each from the four bands who are the focus of this tour:

Black Breath: “Mother Abyss”

[audio:https://www.nocleansinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/01-Mother-Abyss.mp3|titles=Black Breath – Mother Abyss]

Martyrdöd: “Paranoia”

[audio:https://www.nocleansinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/04-Paranoia.mp3|titles=Martyrdod – Paranoia]

Burning Love: “Karla”

[audio:https://www.nocleansinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/05-Karla.mp3|titles=Burning Love – Karla]

Enabler: “All Hail the Void”

[audio:https://www.nocleansinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/07-All-Hail-The-Void.mp3|titles=Enabler – All Hail The Void]

Now, here are the remaining dates on this Southern Lord label tour:

6/20/2012 Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR w/ Poison Idea [tickets]
6/21/2012 The Mezzanine – San Francisco, CA w/ Noothgrush [tickets]
6/22/2012 The Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA w/ Pelican, Noothgrush [tickets]
6/23/2012 The Glass House – Pomona, CA *Southern Lord label showcase w/ Pelican [RSVP]
6/24/2012 The Casbah – San Diego, CA w/ Pelican [tickets]
6/25/2012 Chasers – Phoenix, AZ [tickets]
6/27/2012 Club Dada – Dallas, TX w/ Power Trip, Wild//Tribe [tickets]
6/28/2012 Red 7 – Austin, TX w/ Power Trip, Wild//Tribe [tickets]
6/29/2012 Walter’s – Houston, TX w/ Power Trip, Wild//Tribe [tickets]
6/30/2012 Three Ring Circus – New Orleans, LA w/ Dead In The Dirt [tickets]
7/01/2012 529 – Atlanta, GA w/ Dead In The Dirt [tickets]
7/02/2012 Kings Barcade – Raleigh, NC w/ Dead In the Dirt [tickets]
7/03/2012 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA w/ Dead In The Dirt [tickets]
7/04/2012 Talking Head Lounge at Sonar – Baltimore, MD w/ The Secret [tickets]
7/05/2012 Radio Bar – Boston, MA w/ The Secret [tickets]
7/06/2012 Acheron – Brooklyn, NY w/ The Secret [tickets]
7/07/2012 The Barbary – Philadelphia, PA w/ The Secret [tickets]
7/08/2012 Blind Bob’s – Dayton, OH w/ The Secret (*NO Martyrdöd) [tickets]
7/09/2012 Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL (*NO Martyrdöd) [tickets]
7/10/2012 Borg Ward – Milwaukee, WI (*Black Breath & Enabler ONLY) [tickets]
7/11/2012 Medusa – Minneapolis, MN (*Black Breath & Enabler ONLY)
7/13/2012 Carr’s Corner – Spokane, WA (*Black Breath ONLY)

  6 Responses to “FREE SHIT FROM THE LORD”

  1. “This compilation is so damned full of power that I don’t know whether to shit or go blind.” I think you’ll shit, cause someone needs their eyes to see GOJIRA live and have an orgasm. After that you could shit and go blind hahahahaha 😛


  3. Fuck yes, Enabler are awesome! All Hail The Void is my favourite song of 2012

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