Jun 202012

Following up on 2009’s Night Is the New Day, Sweden’s Katatonia have completed their next studio album, Dead End Kings, which will be released on August 27 (a day later in the U.S.) by the Peaceville label (it’s available for pre-order here). Today, Peaceville and the band released a lyric video for one of the tracks on the new album — “Dead Letters”.

It is an Exception to the Rule here, because . . . clean singing. But ever since my one and only witnessing of Katatonia in a live setting, I’ve had a soft spot for the band’s music (it was quite a show), and so I had to pay attention to this. Glad I did.

The video showcases some of the wonderful artwork by Travis Smith that will appear in the album booklet, and the imagery well-suits both the lyrics and the music. The song is a blending of the heavy and the ethereal, both moody and jolting, dark and meditative. I don’t think fans of Katatonia will be disappointed in what they hear. Check it out following the jump.

In addition, Peaceville has made the song available for free download, in exchange for your email address. To get that, GO HERE.





  1. Katatonia seems to have a thing for birds in their artwork, going back to the days when they complied with the NCS vocal guidelines.

    Good song.

  2. I enjoyed the vocals quite a bit, actually. I applaud their clean singing!

  3. Nice song, pure Katatonia !

  4. Allow me to repeat my first thoughts… “Oooh, kick-drums!”.


  5. Nice to see Travis Smith isn’t mailing it in anymore. His last few haven’t been that great. As for the song, it’ll grow on me, though it’s made a better first impression than most lead off singles. I do loves me some Katatonia.

  6. Why does this song make me think that Katatonia have moved from being a straight Doom band to a Swedish version of Tool?

  7. Love the artwork!

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