Jul 152012

The last time we re-designed the look of the NCS site, we went big on the skulls.  The skulls are nice and all, but I’m thinking we’d get more visitors if we had more pussy. Of course, as always, we’d like your input.

Go HERE to take a look at a mock-up of the new site.  Be sure to scroll all the way down when you get there.

More info about the project comes after the jump.

Wasn’t that fun?  By the way, if you refresh that page you visited or visit it again, you’ll see some different feline embellishments.

Here’s how this happened. There’s a web site called Meowbify, and if you go there and type in the URL of any web site, like I did for NCS, you’ll see how it looks after the cats have taken over.

Is this metal?  Who fuckin’ cares?

Oh hell, having gone this far with the cats, I might as well send you to this NCS post, which is still one of my favorites, especially because I put it together. And by the way, since I wrote that thing, I’ve become fully convinced that yes, cats ARE metal.

  24 Responses to “NCS SITE RE-DESIGN”

  1. Fuck yeah! I approve!

  2. That was absolutely hilarious… I really liked the Randy Blythe one, which realistically we shouldn’t laugh at because a guy was killed, but still… hilarious.

    • Hey, it’s a guilt-free way to laugh about Randy Blythe being in jail! Go for it!

      • Apparently they change each time. The Randy Blythe GIF had a cat with his paws together moving them up and down (or it was just a loop) with a word added each time he moved his paws that when complete said: “What are you doing?”

  3. go for it!!!

  4. Awww…I was hoping itd change every other word into “meow.”

    Still. Approved! Make it so, number one.

  5. Brilliant. Cats are the future. I believe Oculus Infernus is going to need an overhaul.

  6. One assumes you’ll be fixing the future header image. But otherwise, it’s perfect.

  7. I suppose after the cats, I suppose you’ll go with tentacles and/or scat to satisfy Phro’s urges…

  8. hi,great site.i lurk on you guys all the time.first comment as i am not clever.i like kittehs,but i have a serious Q.i do wonder,does anyone else have a hard time reading the red script on black background?

    • Believe me, cleverness is not required to comment. As for the red font, others have said the same thing. I think the problem is mainly with the color I picked for hyperlinks, which is a dark reddish color. I was trying to match the color with the color of all the skulls. I have trouble seeing it myself on my laptop, but not on the desktop I also have at home.

  9. I’m deathly allergic to cats and, therefor, do no approve

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