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It’s waaaaaaay past the end of our normal posting day, but I thought this news was significant enough to interrupt my regularly scheduled evening activities, which consist of lolling on a comfy sofa like a beached orca watching The Food Channel, taking frantic phone calls from world leaders, solving quadratic equations in my head for shits and giggles, and occasionally making lascivious remarks to my wife on the off chance that she might be in a frisky mood.

Yes, just hours ago, the best metal festival in these United State announced the first 16 bands to appear at MDF XI, which will be held in Baltimore on May 23-26, 2013 — and here they are:

VENOM (UK) – Exclusive US headlining show.
CARCASS (UK) – Exclusive US show.
RIGHTEOUS PIGS – Exclusive US reunion show.
ANTAEUS (France) – Exclusive US show.
CONVULSE (Finland) – Exclusive US show.
AOSOTH (France) – Exclusive US show.
!TOOH! (Czech Republic) – Exclusive US show.
AHUMADO GRANUJO (Czech Republic)
INGROWING (Czech Republic)

A few thoughts off the top of my head . . . after the jump.

Can Venom still play?  And what will they play?

Will Carcass go early or late in their discography when they put together their setlist?

Manilla Road!

Cool to see those killer French bands, Antaeus and Aosoth . . .


Pelican?!?  Sure as fuck didn’t see that one coming . . .


Who are those three Czech bands??

Obviously, there are many more bands who will be added between now and next spring, and I’m sure we’ll periodically report the updates, despite the fact that the odds are again slim I’ll be able to make the 2,000-mile journey to see this thing.

I now return myself to my regularly scheduled programming.


  1. HBIH did a post on TOOH! a while back. They described them as progressive/avant-garde grindcore, which is pretty accurate I think. It’s some really interesting, weird stuff.


  2. CONVULSE!..how the hell did that not make you go “Fuck Yeah!” I just hope they dont put them smack in the afternoon like they did to Demigod. These organizers need to get their priorities straight.

    • Czech bands are both grindcore. One or more of the organizers seems to really love that style. Its gotten much better as years have gone by, but the lineup used to be stacked VERY heavily with grind and hardcore bands. My guess is that Carcass will be playing their early stuff at this fest for that reason if nothing else. (Its also not the type of fest you’d see a lot of melodeath at)

    • Sorry to say that the name Convulse only rang a faint bell in my head. Having now looked them up on Metal Archives and Wiki, I see that their last album came out in 1994 (!) and that they are recognized as one of Finland’s first extreme metal bands. When did they revive themselves?

      • Very recently…probably within the last 6 months or so. Their final album is shit so ignore that, but World Without God..thats an absolute beast. Nasty sounding death metal that ranks up with the best Finnish classics. Supposedly thats the material theyve been practicing as well, so Im completely pumped for this


    I was surprised to learn they were scheduled to perform this year, but sad to learn (at the same time) that they had been forced to cancel.


    But this alone would be enough to make me want to go to next year’s show…..

  4. Definitely doesn’t interest me as much as MDFX. I would probably want to see Venom, Carcass, maybe Pentagram, maybe Convulse and maybe Aosoth.

  5. Midnight kills it live!!!!!!! They’ll probably blow away a number of the headliners. Who is in Venom now? Cronos/Machineman(whatever his name is),if Venom is the original 3 I’d be excited. Saw Carcass a few years back and they did not disappoint(almost as good as when I witnessed them 20 years ago,ok maybe not.) What are some bands that should play??????????????

    • Its Cronos and a couple of fairly recent guys (Rage and Dante). Ive heard they can still go pretty good in concert though

      Who should play this year..

      Unanimated (Cancelled last year)
      Dødsengel (Cancelled last year)
      Unleashed (a good possibility for this year)
      Black Breath (a good possibility for this year)
      Stormcrow (after cancelling in 2010)
      Kreator (a good possibility for this year)

      On a sidenote…Wonder where theyre going to put it this year. The Sonar got shut down sometime in the last two weeks. (though MDF apparently knew this was coming, and already planned for it)

      • Yeah, heard about that recently — I think I read it at Nefarious Realm — and they said there was already a new venue planned, which would be announced later this summer, along with revealing all the bands.

        Kreator would be very cool…

        • Yeah..according to the post on MDF forum,supposedly they knew this was coming as early as the last MDF and have three different sites they may move it to…

          heres what they said:

          Greetings, everyone. In case the rumor hasn’t made it to your ears, we can let you know that Sonar (the home of MDF since 2006) is closing. Why? That’s not important.
          What is important is that we’ve known about this situation for months, and we were already searching for a new location only a few days after MDF X ended. Currently, we have THREE locations to choose from, all of which would be in Baltimore. Once some more logistical and financial planning takes place, we can make a decision on next year’s location. With a little luck, we’ll reveal that info before the end of July. Worst case scenario, we’ll let you know sometime in August.




    I will hate myself if I don’t go next year




  8. !TOOH! IS BACK?!?!?!?

    this is the awesomest news of all. one of the most unique death/grind acts EVER to roam this poor chunk of galactic garbage. they are together with Lykathea Aflame, Spiral Architect and Gorguts on its own league of extreme avant-garde metal.

    if you don’t know them, go listen to Pod Vladou Bice and Rad a Trest. start by the last recorded song, Kali. it’s like an eclipse or something.

    fuck. I think I’ll start saving to MDF. (too bad I live in Brazil)

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