Jul 232012

Between the Buried and Me have a new album coming. Its title is Parallax II: Future Sequence, it will be released on October 9, and it’s already available for pre-order from Metal Blade HERE and from this site, which is offering some nice bundles (including a spacesuit!). Today we also have a new official video for “Telos”, a song from the album that has made the rounds in a few fan-filmed videos of recent BTBAM shows.

The video is mainly a series of fade-in, fade-out ads for the release with a couple of excellent pieces of album art interspersed. The main benefit of the video is the the song, straight from the album. It’s a neuron-twister of a tech-death workout spliced into an ethereal space-swimming, time-traveling segment, which is part jazz fusion, part prog exploration.

I’m tolerating the clean vocals in the cosmic-drift part of the song, but confess that I’m much higher on the harsh, tech-death mind-fuckery, which is really excellent.

Check out the video after the jump.


  1. Well it is prog, so clean vocals are generally par for the course.

    I’m not drooling but I am slightly moist. People are going to be alll over this shit once it releases.

    • I’m confounded by the notion that prog has to include clean vocals somewhere, somehow, or that adding clean vocals will make the music “proggier”. I grant you that the portion of this song in which the clean vocals appear don’t naturally lend themselves to harsh vocals — there’s a fit between the vocal style and the instrumentals. But I’d still be very interested to hear more aggressive vocals even in that part.

      Having said that, I cut this band a lot of slack because they’re so tremendously talented and I’ve had a head-exploding good time every time I’ve seen them live. And I do think this is a very good song, all things considered.

      • I thinks it’s because ever since the 70’s prog has always been associated with something musically lighter but way more complex and diverse. Most people probably stick with the clean vocals in order to define it as “prog” or it’s just a lot harder to make aggro vocals work with that kind of music.

  2. Like this a lot. If anything, it’s tech-ier than usual. Really I’m just glad they kept it heavy. With some of my very favorite bands – Mastodon, Baroness, Opeth – going the way they’re going, I was afraid that BTBAM would be jumping on that train as well.

    I had no reason to expect they would, but then, nothing about Watershed said “We’re thinking 70’s prog next” either.

  3. I appreciated “Alaska,” but they lost me after that. I may nap when they play Summer Slaughter detroit. If any of you are fellow Michiganders, come find me and we’ll fuck…..Seacrest out…..

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