Aug 292012

(A message from Phro . . .)

This band needs neither introduction nor apologies.


Eat it, Korn.



(P.S. from Your Editor: After the jump, pro video of Baby Metal playing “Doki Doki Morning” and something else live. Yeah, motherfuckers, we goin’ all in.)



  1. Pretty sure saying “we’re going all in” in a post about a video of tweens dancing in short skirts is either the best or absolutely worst possible thing you could say.

  2. Wonder what they had to do to get those growls out of the girls.

  3. Forgive one for not keeping count, but how many songs / singles / music videos have they put out? This appears to be the fourth.

  4. I’m no stranger to Baby Metal, but after every time I see a video… I’m at a lost as what to do. Do I seek counseling, listen to real metal to purge my ears, binge drink till I need my stomach pumped? All 3?

  5. I’m glad NCS has become the officially unofficial home of Babymetal. Get an interview!

  6. I will never understand what the hell drives those people in Japan to create something like this… As someone above said, I need to purge my ears now.

  7. While watching the live performance. I had to the irrestible urge to yell “SWEEP THE LEG. JOHNNY!”

  8. I think this is cultural appropriation revenge for all the American teens reading Ranma 1/2 and eating Pocky.

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