Aug 292012

“Normally, we like to pen a few lines of senseless drivel to entertain before you click that orange button thingie, but today—as August rightfully wanes into oblivion—our digital inkwell is virtually dry. Parched, if you will. That being said, we’re going to let Daylight Dies dash your hopes and weather-make your sunny day outright cloudy. They can do that, you know. It’s time to enter an overcast state of mind.”

With those words of introduction, DECIBEL today began streaming a new song from Daylight Dies’ forthcoming album, A Frail Becoming, which is out October 9th on Candlelight Records USA and is available HERE for pre-order.

The song is “Infidel”. As you might expect if you know this band’s fantastic previous music, it’s a combination (on the one hand) of the deep, the dark, and the crushing, and (on the other) the sublimely beautiful. A Frail Becoming has been very high on our site’s list of most anticipated fall releases, and I can tell you that the rest of the album is every bit as strong as “Infidel”. A review is forthcoming . . . .

THIS is the link that will take you to DECIBEL to hear the song.  On that page there’s also an interesting interview with the band’s bassist/vocalist Egan O’Rourke. GO!

  One Response to “DAYLIGHT DIES: “INFIDEL””

  1. This seems a little different,it starts heavier than they used to sound but then returns to that “dramatic” melodies that Daylight Dies deliver excellently.Can’t wait for the “Frail Becomin”…

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