Sep 082012

Introducing people to new music from the underground and eye-catching cover art are two of the things we enjoy most at this site, and today we get to do both. Acrania are a band from southeast UK who are on the verge of releasing a split (Galactic Infections) with California’s Blue Waffle, and today we give you the exclusive premiere of Acrania’s contribution to the split: “Susceptible To Retinal Based Reprogrammability”.

Yes, that song title is a mouthful. The music is also a brutish slug in the mouth — and a flurry of heavy-booted kicks to the head. Acrania inflict severe bodily damage with slamming rhythms, a seething hive of buzzing riffage, rapid-fire percussion, and vocals that span the range from grisly gurgling to unhinged shrieking. It’s brutal, but it’s also groovy. You may feel inclined to bust up your abode while you listen, but you can bang your head while you take the sledgehammer to your walls.

As you can see, Acrania and Blue Waffle also have good taste in art. The cover for their new split is graced by the grisly renderings of Ken Sarafin of Sarafin Concepts, whose work we’ve featured at NCS more than once (check out these posts, for example). Acrania also have a debut EP in the works that will feature cover art by NCS favorite Pär Olofsson, and you can take a look at that after the jump.

But first, get some demolition tools ready and check out “Susceptible To Retinal Based Reprogrammability” . . .

The Acrania – Blue Waffle split will be released on Monday, September 10, and it will be made available for free download on Bandcamp. Watch Acrania’s Facebook page for details on how to get the music.

As previously mentioned, Acrania also have an EP coming out soon, with the title The Beginning of the End. Here’s that radical Pär Olofsson cover for the EP (watch Acrania’s FB page for updates on the EP release):



  1. This track fucking destroys, awesome post!

  2. I would like to leave my Mushroom Punch of Approval all over this track.

  3. That Acrania track is slamariffic!

  4. that song is almost as lame as the band name.

  5. Comments on this post are now closed, the first time I’ve ever done that. I have no idea what provoked it, but there was an apparently organized outpouring of slanderous, foul, infantile shit directed against the band since we posted this premiere 8 months ago. I’m sure there are plenty of other places on the internet where people can vomit up that kind of meaningless crap. This site isn’t one of them. Those comments have now been deleted.

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