Sep 162012

“When MaxR asked me to write a guest review for Metal Bandcamp, he said he wanted to give me something a little out of my usual comfort zone, and specifically, something connected to the realm of doom. When I agreed, the album he picked was A Beautiful Dystopia, released earlier this year by Okera from Melbourne, Australia. I’m afraid Max failed in his mission. Not only am I comfortable in the company of A Beautiful Dystopia, I’m ready to marry it and have kids.”

And that’s how my guest review of Okera’s new album at Metal Bandcamp begins. It ends this way: “By this point it will come as no surprise: I recommend this album strongly.” In between, there is an explanation for why I’m so enthusiastic about Okera’s successful melding of doom and melodic death metal.

I hope you’ll read the whole review and check out the music, too. You can do both at THIS PAGE on Metal Bandcamp.


  7 Responses to “OKERA: “A BEAUTIFUL DYSTOPIA””

  1. Haven’t been this psyched for an album just by reading the review; awesome stuff! A band that resembles In Mourning, Insomnium AND Be’lakor, while still having their own identity? YES PLEASE 🙂

    I will most definitely check this out!

  2. I tried to tell you you’d like this shit way back when we were listing 2012 favs so far. Definitely a top album of the year.

  3. In another news Mrs. Islander is reported as being a little miffed about these Okera dudes moving in and all.

    Thanks for a great review of a great album.

  4. Mehr und mehr Farbe hinzugefügt, wodurch eine neue Ebene des Nachdenkens und Fühlen.

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