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Between 1998 and 2005, Norway’s Extol recorded four albums and two EP’s, beginning with Burial and ending with The Blueprint Dives. As Andy Synn wrote for us in his third SYNN REPORT, which provided a detailed review of all six releases in January 2011, they had “a profound, and vastly underrated, influence on many of today’s bands” and “were in many ways the epitome of counter-culture in metal circles at one time.”

After years of silence, May 2012 brought the first of several cryptic videos at a site named No explanation for these videos accompanied them. When Andy reported about the first of the videos (here), he wrote: “What does it mean? A documentary about the band? A concert dvd? Or… dare I hope… a reformation? While the latter is unlikely, I can’t help but hope . . .”

Today there will be joy in the hearts of the Extol faithful, because we have received word from the band that after five years of silence and seven years following the release of their last album, Extol are returning to the studio to record their fifth album. Here is the band’s official statement:

“After the The Blueprint Dives in 2005 and the massive worldwide touring with bands such as MASTODON and OPETH, we dissapeared without any further explanation. Now, years later, we are back on track working on what is to be our fifth full-length. As expected from the musical legacy of Extol, no compromise is offered.”

According to the band’s statement, Extol are now a three-piece: Peter Espevoll (vocals), David Husvik (drums, vocals), and Ole Børud (guitars, bass, vocals).

We also have more news about those cryptic video clips: Extol are indeed making a feature-length documentary. It will be “a semibiographical” film, co-produced by Peter Espevoll and Animidas Productions AS, which is based outside of Oslo, and directed by Åsmund Janøy.

Extol are seeking funding from fans to help create finish the documentary. They’ve set a fund-raising goal of $20,000 and have established a “crowdfunding page” at where contributions can be made. There are, of course, an extensive array of perks that are being offered to fans in return for their contributions, beginning with a thank-you in the film’s credits in return for a donation of $10. Go HERE to become a part of this effort.

This is the most recent of the video teasers from the film and an introduction to the crowdfunding campaign:


We can’t help but be very curious about what the new album will sound like. Even when the band were active, their musical style did not remain static. But the world has turned quite a few times since 2005, and so have the lives of Extol’s members. Vocalist Peter Espevoll is now married and lives in a small town called Svelvik with his wife and two sons. Ole Børud is also married, has several solo projects, and has become a popular musician for hire. David Husvik is living in Oslo and has been a sought-after drummer for several other bands, devoting most of his time to music.

Where will their musical interests now take them? How will the events of their lives since 2005 influence the songs?  We have this statement:

The challenges are lining up for the group that is determined to make “the best death metal album in ages!”

You can keep track of progress on the album and the film by connecting with Extol on Facebook.


  1. words can not express my joy upon hearing this news. These guys totally changed the way I thought about music, not to mention extreme metal. Such a huge influence on my music and a totally unique band. I can’t believe it, the boys are back!

  2. Visited the Christian metal festival Bobfest in sweden a couple of times during the first years of this century (I am not christian myself, but my parents are, and this was the only way i would be allowed to go something “evil” like that).

    Anyway, in those circles Extol really was The Shit. There were other very competent bands there, but Extol was special. They canceled the first year, but just from the way people talked about them i felt compelled to buy Undeceived, which was even better because then i knew the songs the next year when they actually did play.

  3. PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXTOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Quite possibly my favorite band. So excited!!!

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