Oct 262012

I’m drowning in new videos. Beginning late yesterday, this is the third in a row of posts I’ve written for the site that consist of nothing but videos. But as much as I’d like to finish other things I’m working on, I continue to be distracted by the moving pictures and the quality sounds.

This post is full of Exceptions to the Rule around here, because all three of the new vidz collected in this post include (to varying extents) clean vocals. But all three songs have grabbed me, and I hope they’ll grab you, too. The first two are from down-under bands we’ve previously covered at NCS — Mammoth Mammoth (Australia) and Beastwars (New Zealand) — and the third is from a band I don’t think we’ve ever mentioned before, The Sorrow (Austria).


I first came across Mammoth Mammoth back in May when they released their last video, which was for the title track to their third album Hell’s Likely (featured here). Since then, Napalm Records have picked up the album and will be releasing it on November 23 worldwide (order here).

I’m enjoying the album cover. I’m also enjoying the new video for “GO”, which includes a nice tip of the hat at the video’s beginning to Gojira’s “Vacuity” video and also features the same delectable woman who graces the album cover in her birthday suit (though she’s somewhat more clothed in the video).

The song is also awesome. One could quibble about whether it’s metal or rock, but what’s inarguable is that it’s an infectious injection of riff heroin. It’s an anthem to letting go, with a must-sing-along chorus and a sweet psychedelic solo. I’ve been replaying it off and on for the last hour, and it doesn’t get old. This whole album has the promise of BADASS written all over it.



Speaking of badass, Beastwars has a new video out, too. In August, we had the privilege of premiering a song from their self-titled album, and the whole record is one of this year’s brightest discoveries for me. As I wrote in that earlier feature, it reminds me of the best work of Mastodon, though more primal and occult in its feel, with helpings of Sabbathian-style doom, Melvins-style sludge, Alabama Thunderpussy-style Southern groove, psychedelia, and a whole shitload of evil. The whole album is now available for streaming and download at Bandcamp.

The new video is a live performance of the band performing a song named “State Houses By the River” at the APRA Silver Scroll award show held on September 13, 2012, at the Auckland Town Hall. The song was written by by Adam McGrath of a New Zealand alt.country.rock band named The Eastern. Beastwars’ performance of the song is piercing, like a heated metal-tipped arrow through the heart. Matt Hyde also proves that his vocals are as riveting on stage as they are in the studio.

And holy shit, check out the wall of flame on that big fuckin’ screen behind them.



I’ll probably take some shit from some of you for this next item, but I’m going with it anyway.

The Sorrow are an Austrian band whose fourth album, Misery Escape, will be released in North America (by Napalm Records again) on November 6. Their name rings bells in my head, though I can’t remember whether I’ve heard anything from them before. In any event, what I’ve now heard (and seen) is their new video for a track from the forthcoming album named “Burial Bridge”.

Once upon a time, back in the early days of bands like Shadows Fall and Killswitch Engage, I listened to a shit ton of metalcore. Not so much any more. But this new song by The Sorrow brought back those memories, with snappy riffing, the mix of harsh screams in the verse and soaring cleans in the chorus, and a catchy melody. It’s certainly more of a trip down memory lane than anything fresh or original, but I enjoyed the trip nevertheless.


  1. That Mammoth-Mammoth video was a Grade-A textbook example of cawk-rawking done well.

    Also chicks in vest make me very aroused.

    That is all.

  2. Gojira? What about Solstafir?

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