Nov 222012

Happy Tryptophan Coma Day to one and all. I’ve been sitting here at my computer all morning with my gut rumbling and my mouth salivating as my wife and assorted other female culinary magicians  perform wondrous works in our kitchen. Eventually, a horde of gluttons will descend on the feast and the gorging will begin. I hope this happens soon, before the flood of gastric juices triggered by all the aromas eats a hole through my esophagus.

While resisting the urge to barge through the kitchen like a rabid wolverine and start stuffing my gullet with both hands, I’ve been listening to a few random selections of new metal that I thought I’d share with you. The offerings come from Author & Punisher, Nile, and Church of Disgust.


If you don’t know about Author & Punisher (the nom de guerre of one Tristan Shone), I suggest you read this post by BadWolf, which was my introduction to this dude’s amazing music. Wholly apart from the way the hellish music sounds, it’s noteworthy because much of it is made on machines that Shone designs himself and then performs. One of the devices he created is something called the Mute Mask, and he employs it in a new song called “Magnetik” that debuted about a week ago.

I like the description that Adrien Begrand gave the song in this introduction he wrote for MSN Entertainment: “Slow, murky, and immense, it sounds like Satan covering a Tricky song, low rumbles, a slyly seductive melody, and harsh blasts of noise interweaving atop a swinging trip-hop beat.”

Author & Punisher’s 2012 album Ursus Americanus has already made DECIBEL magazine’s list of 2012’s Top 40 albums, and it’s going to be on Begrand’s list for MSN Entertainment, too. Here’s the new song, and below that is a video which depicts the construction of the Mute Mask and the making of the song.

[bandcamp track=3143935931 bgcol=000000 linkcol=4285BB size=venti]



Nile brought us something new that I also saw this morning. Yesterday, Noisecreep premiered the band’s new video for “Enduring the Eternal Molestation of Flame” off the At the Gate of Sethu album.

Director Jon Simvonis provided this note about the video: “The research and design elements of the ‘Enduring..’ music video led to a really interesting combination of the Ancient Egyptian myths through the prism of the Nubian African Voodoo Burial rituals.” The juxtaposition of the two cultures is an interesting idea, and the song, true to its name, is a tech-death conflagration.



I learned about Church of Disgust this morning via JcDA, a Facebook friend and NCS supporter. Apart from his recommendation, I got interested in hearing the band’s music because they hail from San Marcos, Texas, which is not far from my hometown of Austin.

Their latest release, Invocation of Putrid Worship will be distributed on cassette by Filthy Cave Records and can also be requested by e-mailing the band at

The song I’ve heard from the new release is “Seven Sigils of Infinite Void”. It’s a sweet song, and by “sweet” I mean it’s ghastly stew of creeping, crawling death/doom that occasionally boils over into a grinding, grisly froth. Stripped down and primitive, with subterranean riffs and crypt-onian vocals, it’s so authentic that it could have been unearthed from a vault where it lay buried since circa 1991. It’s making me even hungrier than I already was.



  1. ” been sitting here at my computer all morning with my gut rumbling and my mouth salivating as my wife and assorted other female culinary magicians perform wondrous works in our kitchen.”

    Stop being a sexist asshole and go help. Sheesh.

  2. I forgot to mention: I really like this Author and Punisher song.

  3. Those Author and Punisher machines look like something out of the Saw movies. Really interesting stuff, I’d like to learn more about them. Cool post.

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