Dec 042012

This morning I found three new videos and a new full-album stream that I want to send your way. Sending now:


Magoa’s new EP Animals is finally out, and as of this morning so is yet another Magoa music video. Since we’ve already featured the first two videos for this French band’s EP, why stop now?

The new one for the song “A Thousand Lives” was directed by the same man who was responsible for the first two: Benjamin Cappelletti. The first two were so good that I had high hopes for the new one, too, and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s just as much fun to watch as the first two. Mr. Capelletti cannot fail.

I also now have a new appreciation for the seriousness with which Magoa approach their craft. A lot of bands performing in a bedroom would stop what they were doing if hot chicks in their underwear invitingly climbed into bed and started caressing the band members, but Magoa soldiers on with their song. Impressive display of willpower. I also didn’t see the underwater shots coming, but it was a really nice surprise — which I’ve now sort of spoiled for you. I’m such a dick sometimes.

The song is yet another Magoa groove-monster. I won’t say more than that now, because a review will be coming soon. Enjoy the video. You can order the EP here.

P.S. Take a close look at the Magoa promo shot at the top of this post for a sign of just how close-knit Magoa are as a band.



The debut album by Finland’s Maveth, Coils of the Black Earth, will be released by Dark Descent on December 15 (and can be pre-ordered here). I hope I have time to review it despite all the time I’m about to devote to our year-end albums and songs lists, because it’s an impressive offering of blackened death metal. But I can at least make you aware that the whole album is now streaming. I’m not sure how long the stream will last, so this is a good time to experience the music for yourselves in deciding whether to buy the album.



I was a big fan of this Brooklyn band’s 2011 debut album, Furnace. This morning I saw the news that they have been working with producer extraordinaire Sanford Parker on their second album, which will be entitled Concrete Sustain. The album is projected for release next March via Seventh Rule Recordings.

This morning I also saw that the amazing (((unartig))) captured Batillus on film performing at the St Vitus Bar in Brooklyn last month, and what they were performing was a new song — “Mirrors”. The song is killing me, in the best way. It’s a primo example of the kind of slightly industrialized, thoroughly crushing avant-doom that Batillus do so well. Definitely worth watching and hearing:


Batillus – Mirrors from (((unartig))) on Vimeo.


And this morning also brought another video from Hacktivist. Their new EP is out now, of course, and this video is for the song “Hacktivist”.

And yeah, we’ve come too far with Hacktivist to turn back now.  Haters report to my butt.



  1. Do they have 2 vocalists, but only one guitarist?

  2. I would suck 20 bleeding dicks so I can get AIDS and fuck Hacktivist and kill them with my AIDS.

  3. Maveth is going to suck because they shared an article with Hacktivist

    ..if they break up Im blaming this website

  4. Maveth will fucking NEVER suck. Fucking ever. Ever, ever. Finland. And wouldn’t the relative awesomeness of Batillus offset any harm that Hacktivist could do?

  5. Maveth is great! I’ve been looking for some good blackened death metal lately – and here it is!

  6. I really like the entire Hacktivist ep – all 5 songs. I keep telling myself that it probably doesn’t have much shelf-life and to not get too excited, but damn – they write good songs (hooks! and lots of ’em!). I’m afraid of how bad the imitators are going to be though, especially once some rednecks from around here (Florida) take a stab at it.

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