Dec 142012

As previously reported, the almighty Suffocation have a new album on the way in February via Nuclear Blast. It’s name is Pinnacle of Bedlam. Today, NB began streaming a track named “As Grace Descends”.

I am so damned happy to hear this track. It fulfills fervent hopes. It’s music that both strips flesh from bone and invigorates the mind with a flurry of technical wizardry, interesting drumwork, and a beautiful solo.

Also, Frank Mullen.  Listen:


  1. Whoa! This sounds much better than their other post-reunion albums. Yet another title to look forward to in 2013!

  2. I don’t mean to bash the year we’re in right now, but to me it seems like 2011 was somewhat stronger. And 2013 has new Suffocation AND Portal right out of the fucking gate. If next year continues that strongly . . . well, I guess that’s impossible unless Mercyful Fate releases an album and Chuck comes back for a new Death record, so I’ll leave that thought unfinished.

    • It will be a year long remembered, as for me, the new releases from Rotting Christ, Hate and The Amenta will most definitely not disappoint.

    • Since we’re on the subject of what’s confirmed for early 2013 release, I’ll also mention the new albums from Darkthrone, Rotting Christ, Vreid, Omnium Gatherum, Mors Principium Est, Hate, Deeds of Flesh, Byzantine, and Soilwork.

      And later in the year we should see new material from Amorphis, Arsis, Autopsy, Behemoth, Belphegor, Carcass, Darkane, Devourment, Extol, Finntroll, Ghost, Hacride, Hypocrisy, Kalmah, Killswitch Engage, Kvelertak, Mastodon, Motörhead, Obituary, Satyricon, Slayer, Sodom, Watain, and Wintersun (among others).

      Of course, 2013 will also bring possibly the most anticipated release of the year — the debut album from Bloodguard.

      And just for you, since King Diamond has inked a 3-album deal with Metal Blade, I assume we’ll see one from King in 2013 too.

      • Out of that list, I’m most excited for Darkthrone, Ghost, Kvelertak, and Mastodon. I’m going to be watching Soilwork, Amorphis, Autopsy, Behemoth, Extol, Obituary, and Satyricon closely, though. And I’ll probably get the Motörhead, because it’s Motörhead.

        Just out of curiosity, why did you list Soilwork twice? Oh, wait, I’m sorry. You said “Darkane” and I just heard “Soilwork.”

  3. The best of the 90’s titans. My favorite. Looking forward to this shit immensely.

  4. This song flows quite well. I approve.

  5. MUCH better than I was expecting. Sounds more like Suffocation than anything since the reunion.

  6. Seriously the production is nothing good… And the riffs lacks a lot of power to (first riff is shitty me it seems that it’s gonna be the worse Suffo of all time…

  7. I’m sure there will be much gnashing of teeth over the production (although maybe this is expected as I haven’t heard any of the newer Suffo albums) but the song itself is awesome. Looks like there’s a lot to look forward to in 2013 but this is near the top for me.

  8. I really, really liked the self-titled album but never actually picked up Blood Oath (I don’t think there was a real reason for that), but this song is making me salivate.

  9. Love it, great riffs, great dynamic, never a dull moment. I guess I´ll wait for a more quality preview to talk about production, but it sounds like a more “modern” approach to DM.

    On a side note, I think the cover kicks ass, but it´s not really a Suffo cover, haha.

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